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A momentary is a colloquial term for a short-term loan, which is usually granted for a period of no more than 30 days. After this period, the customer may extend the loan repayment date, but this involves the need to incur additional costs. Many loan companies, as part of the promotion offer so-called free payday, i.e. you give exactly as much as you borrowed. Where is the list of legal loan companies?

Before you use the loan offer, it is worth checking which companies offer free promotions and what are the maximum loan amounts (the maximum loan amounts usually increase with each loan repaid on time). Also important are additional costs that are charged in the absence of timely repayment: the cost of extension of the payment, payment for calls and prompts, etc.

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This means interest deductions

Most people will probably experience taking out a loan in their lifetime. Whether for house, car, travel or anything else. A natural part of borrowing money is paying interest. An interest rate is the current cost of borrowing money. The interest rate is set based on lender (banks and loan providers) risk. The greater the…


The Most Usual Reasons to Request a Payday Loan

Many times saved is not enough, especially if we have a health emergency, if we simply want to go on vacation or end up with all the debts we have been dragging for a long time. Precisely for this type of needs there are payday loans, which are offered in many institutions, but without a…


How to Distinguish Between Needs and Desires Helps Improve the Financial Situation

    The Riigikogu is the parliament of Estonia. Its 101 how the distinction between needs and desires helps to improve the financial situation. The Riigikogu passes laws and resolutions. The Riigikogu has 11 standing committees and 6 select committees. Commitments to investigate issues of public interest or problems. We do live broadcasts in the…


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