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Call centers have long struggled to ensure that their callers are the customers they claim to be. Passwords, PINs or “challenge questions” are the overwhelming first choice when it comes to authentication. But customers find these methods cumbersome, while fraudsters find them increasingly easy to defeat.

Fortunately, the solution to this problem lies in the computers, signaling systems, switches, and reporting systems that make these very calls possible. Many businesses are now assessing the risk of an incoming call fraudulently claiming to be the real customer and can confidently authenticate customers based on network intelligence.

In this eBook (free to download), Matt Smallman, Director of SymNex Consulting, and Dan Miller, Senior Analyst at Opus Research, will identify the main gaps in traditional call center authentication, discuss how you can more effectively prevent fraud with network intelligence, and outline the practical steps you can take. you can take to start.

For more information and to download this free eBook, please visit Smartnumbers website.

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