A New Chapter for Associate Professor Gabriel Lugo and the Randall Library at UNCW


Friday 01 October 2021

For Gabriel Lugo, associate professor of mathematical sciences, publishing his book Differential geometry in physics marked a new chapter for himself and for the William Madison Randall Library. Lugo’s book is the first to be published via UNCW.

While chairing the Faculty Assembly from 2016 to 2018, Lugo was introduced to John Sherer, the director of UNC Press. Sherer provided Lugo with an invaluable opportunity through which he was able to publish his work.

“After doing my service in the governance of the faculty and finally having the time to commit to my own project, it was time to finish my book which had been on hold for many years,” said Lugo. “When I was done, I called John to ask for advice on some commercial editors, and he made me aware of this new initiative from UNC Press to better serve the UNC system.”

UNC Press, which publishes leading journals and books from the nation’s top intellectuals, scholars, and writers, provides access to a range of sustainable, mission-driven publishing models and solutions. The Office of Scholarly Publishing Services also provides grants to help cover the costs of publishing services through its Thomas W. Ross Fund. Grants range from $ 500 to $ 4,000.

“The book developed from my notes on a similarly titled course that I taught for many years at UNCW,” Lugo said. “The subject is fascinating and beautiful. I want students to have access to it in a way that doesn’t overwhelm them financially with books that are too expensive and too difficult to read due to the emphasis on math and not applications. The UNC Press initiative made publication via Randall Library quite natural. I must say that it makes me very happy to see the UNCW logo on the cover. “

The publishing process involves a partnership between the Randall Library and OSPS. While OSPS produces the e-book (and will provide the paperback version upon request), the Randall Library serves as a liaison between the press and the author. The UNCW library also joined nine other UNC libraries that have partnered with UNC Press, promoting the work of the authors of the UNC system.

“Randall was planning to launch his publishing service later this year, but Dr Lugo contacted UNC Press first,” said University Librarian Lucy Holman. “John McLeod from OSPS knew we were launching our program and referred Dr. Lugo to us. With McLeod, we worked on all the arrangements. Thus, Dr. Lugo’s book will be the first book published by Randall under this partnership. We look forward to serving as an editor for other faculty work.

The Randall Library is an institutional partner of Dr. Lugo, which meets one of the requirements of the Thomas W. Ross Fund Publishing Grant, noted Allison Kittinger, scholarly communication librarian.

“Since arriving on campus in June, I have seen a lot of interest in publishing open books and textbooks, which is very exciting,” she said. “I look forward to further supporting these efforts with UNC Press in the future. “

Lugo’s work represents not only a milestone in his own career, but also a milestone for his academic unit.

“The College of Arts and Sciences is very excited about this partnership between UNCW and UNC Press,” said Michelle Scatton-Tessier, professor of French and interim dean of CAS. “Professor Lugo is an exemplary scholar and educator, and CAS is delighted to have his work published by UNCW and supported by one of the country’s oldest and most distinguished academic presses.

Diego Berrocal ’22



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