Amazon Kindle and Paperwhite are on sale for Valentine’s Day


Amazon Kindle devices are now on sale. You can save $30 on a Kindle Paperwhite, bringing the price down to $109.99. The standard Kindle is also on sale, priced at $59.99, just below its best discount price. This is labeled a Valentine’s Day sale, so prices may return to normal tomorrow. Take one if you want one.

Deals on Kindle e-book readers

Kindle Paperwhite (the latest Model)

300 ppi anti-glare screen, 6.8″ screen, adjustable warm light, 8 GB storage.

Kindle (latest model)

Kindle (the latest Model)

167 ppi anti-glare screen, 6″ display, adjustable light, 8 GB storage.

What’s the difference between the Paperwhite and the standard Kindle? The Paperwhite got a refresh towards the end of last year, giving it a larger 6.8-inch screen, as opposed to the standard model’s 6-inch screen. The Paperwhite’s backlight has an adjustable ‘warmth’ level, allowing you to dim the blue light as bedtime approaches. It also has 300 pixels per inch, compared to the standard Kindle’s 167ppi. This makes the text more rounded and less pixelated.

If money isn’t a major factor, the Paperwhite is the model to get. The higher resolution display, warm backlight and larger display size definitely make it a premium product. But the standard Kindle is also a solid ebook reader, so if you can live with those features and the lower price is more appealing, you probably won’t regret it.

As for filling your Kindle with reading material, you can select the model with a free 3-month Kindle Unlimited subscription to access a bunch of books and magazines. Otherwise, you’ll often find Kindle books for sale on Amazon. Or you can do what I tend to do and borrow e-books from the library to read on your Kindle. After all, no deal is better than free.

Either way, you might want to grab one of these Kindle models as soon as possible. As mentioned above, the banner on the page calls this a Valentine’s Day sale, so these prices may not be available tomorrow.

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