Author Gwenn Lacy-Lowe’s new book “Untwisted Sister” is a guide for those who face obstacles to living a spiritual, sinless lifestyle


Chicago native Gwenn Lacy-Lowe has completed her new book ‘Untwisted Sister’: a powerful memoir that fulfills the author’s goal and quest to forge ahead in diligent servitude, walking according to the Spirit in the will and obedience to God. Lacy-Lowe shares her own stories of incest, abuse, failure, rejection and drug addiction that dominated her life for so long and kept her from being the mother she should have been to her own son.

“There is deep and orderly guidance in worshiping God, the architect of our universe and the physical, mental and spiritual fabric of our constitution. Like trees, let us grow, bear good fruit of gratitude and adoration to the God of glory,” Lacy-Lowe said.

Published by Page Publishing, this powerful tale shows readers that there is a higher purpose to be achieved.

The author continued, “It behooves me to exclaim in the writings of this book a believing beginning, middle, and end, making the reader aware of a precursor to the chaos, imbalance, and waste of a precious and precious time in the kingdom of the earth. – which has no limit – then a transition to an orchestrated afterlife, as well as to inform you that whatever happens, God himself has already weighed the outcome of any difficult situation – well beyond above principalities and powers of indifference, the obscure methods of Satan to distractions and diversions. Satan misinterpreted the outlook and priorities of the life partnership belonging to God alone. Our lives here are very important (Deuteronomy 28:30, Joshua 1:6-9, Romans 12:1-21). The truth will set us free, for the joy of the Lord is our strength. We were created on purpose. Don’t be consumed by the “wang dang doodles” that sin derives from. »

Readers interested in discovering this inspiring work can purchase “Untwisted Sister” in bookstores around the world or online at Apple’s iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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