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Quick list of the best e-book readers

Physical books are good, but they have many limitations that can simply be overcome with an eReader. Besides having a limited battery life, an eReader means you’ll never run out of something to read. Basic e-book readers use monochrome e-ink screens to display text. E-ink, or digital ink (often made by the E Ink Company), looks a lot like paper and is easy on the eyes for extended reading. In the cheaper variants, it’s not backlit, so you’ll need light to see the text, like you would with a printed book.

But most e-book readers now include edge lighting that lets you see in the dark. With each variant, you can vary the brightness intensity from barely to the brightness of a flashlight. At the lowest setting, you can read in the dark while your partner sleeps peacefully next to you. E-readers can be better for a variety of customers whether you’re heading off to college, thinking about a great vacation, reading books on your commute, or just relaxing at home, these devices can be perfect. for you.

Check out the list of best ebook readers

kobo book 2

The Libra 2, the H2O, has had its name dropped and looks nothing like its cousin, the Kindle Paperwhite. The hardware is optimized, yes, but not to the point where there’s only one screen left. The first thing you’ll notice with the Libra 2 is its asymmetry: the bezel on the right side extends a few centimeters to house the device’s physical page turn buttons.

This hardware oddity demonstrates Libra 2’s greatest gift to readers. Instead of looking for a handle (as I found was often a struggle with the Paperwhite), Kobo gave us the perfect place to hold our eBooks with one hand. It’s this kind of design decision that sets the Libra 2 apart from the rest of the eReader market.

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Amazon Kindle Paper Black

Buttons and ports are sparse, with only one of each: a power/standby button and a USB-C port, both located on the bottom edge of the player. It’s not the most intuitive position to have a button, it has to be said, and it’s quite easy to accidentally press it, resulting in the device activating or freezing.

All other controls are touch-sensitive, there are no extra buttons, and with the bezels getting smaller and smaller there’s a little less room to grab it. Page switching is done by tapping or swiping, and if you’re holding it in your right hand, you can tap with your thumb. This makes a huge difference to the reading experience, giving about an extra paragraph of text to a single page, which means having to turn pages less often.

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Amazon Kindle Oasis

This time, Amazon nailed the auto-brightness algorithm. It is much less sensitive and only adjusts screen brightness when needed. This feature is finally working as it should. The other notable feature of the screen is called heat. This is quite similar to Night Sight, which we’ve seen on iPhones, iPads and Macs, and night modes on many other devices.

The device has similar dimensions to its predecessor. There are thick bezels on all sides of the screen, with one side much thicker than the others. This is to accommodate page-turning buttons and an edge that allows you to hold the device with one hand. However, we still found the Oasis a little too bulky.

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Kobo Libra H20

It looks like a standard version of the Kobo Forma, but the Libra H2O has a much more responsive screen than its bigger sibling. And while its plastic casing lacks the premium feel of the metal body of the Kindle Oasis, it’s a sturdy device that’s considerably cheaper than the Oasis and Forma.

The Libra H2O and Kindle Oasis also share the same 1680 x 1264 screen resolution, which translates to 300 pixels per inch (ppi), giving you a beautifully crisp, easy-to-read display. That said, the Libra H2O’s screen isn’t flush with the bezel (as it is on the Oasis), but instead is wedged into a recess inside the frame.

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Kobo Ellipse

Kobo’s interface is very simple. The homepage is just a gallery of books you read, a link to your entire library, and a few links to the public library’s Overdrive system, if you’ve set it up. In your complete library, you can sort by author, by series or by your own collections.

When reading textbooks, Elipsa’s large screen primarily allows for larger font sizes. Kobo offers many options for font size, line spacing, and margin width, as well as 11 fonts. If you suffer from eye strain, you’ll appreciate being able to scale text without constantly turning the page.

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Kindle Paperwhite Kids

Kindle Paperwhite Kids is Amazon’s second e-reader designed for children. As with the first, the hardware is the same as the non-child version – it’s the package you get with that is different. Kid’s Kindles don’t have ads like regular versions, and you usually have to pay more if you don’t want them, another reason it’s better value.

The built-in light allows for reading in the dark and the new Warmth slider means it’s possible to adjust the color temperature from the default ‘cool’ light to a warmer hue that’s easier on the eye. It’s essentially “night mode” that reduces blue light and is theoretically less disruptive to sleep when reading close to bedtime.

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Kobo form

While the Kobo Forma is wider than most e-readers at nearly 7 inches wide, it’s also quite thin. The bezel is extremely thin at just 0.16 inches and sits flat on all but the thickest left edge. That gripping edge is a little thicker at 0.33 inches, but it makes holding the Kobo Forma easy and secure with one hand.

The Kobo Forma is also ready to accompany you to the beach or even to take a bath. It has an IPX8 waterproof rating, and Kobo says it’s good for up to an hour in 6.5 feet of water. The Kobo Forma was extremely quick to set up. The equipment is minimal, just a micro USB cable to charge the device and transfer files to the reader.

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kobo nia

The Kobo Nia is an entry-level e-reader that gives you a great reading experience for the price. Although there are more expensive models with more features from Kobo and Amazon, it’s worth considering as one of the best e-readers around.

Black is your only color option when it comes to the eReader, but there are three official SleepCover covers available in black, aqua, and lemon. Made of soft artificial leather, these cases will automatically wake your eReader from sleep mode, while providing extra protection.

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Kobo Clara HD

The Kobo Clara HD’s 6-inch screen is quite nice. It looks great in both daylight and dark rooms, shares the same 300ppi HD screen as its more expensive siblings, and it has a big win over the Paperwhite: ComfortLight Pro.

ComfortLight Pro is Kobo’s adjustable warm light, which reduces blue light exposure and therefore eye strain. It’s a godsend for those of us who like to stay up until the wee hours of the morning devouring this indescribable book. The Paperwhite lacks this feature, so if you’re a night owl you may find the Clara HD your best bet.

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Likebook P6 e-reader

The Likebook P6 features a 6-inch E INK Carta HD display with 1448×1072 resolution with 300 PPI. The screen is flush with the bezel and there is a layer of glass. The bezels on the side are quite large and thick, the overall color scheme is piano black. The back of the device bears the Likebook logo in gold.

This device is oriented not only for reading during the day, but also during the night. It has a front-lit screen with 24 LED lights, which are located under the glass layer and cast light evenly across the screen. There are no smudges or gray areas where the light doesn’t cover.

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Final Words: Best eBook Readers

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