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  • January 28, 2022
  • 07:24

Keeping up with the latest coding developments, as well as mastering new programming skills, is practically a full-time job. the Complete set of Learn to Code eBooks is designed to instantly put a reference library at your fingertips, to improve your skills, develop new skills, or start coding from scratch.

Each of the 20 books in this bundle are from Packt Publishing. Founded in 2003, Packt focuses on training materials for IT professionals, coders, and anyone who wants to learn programming, either for their own edification or to work better with programmers. It also works to support open source software with detailed documentation and other community work.

Topics covered by this set include Java, Python, blockchain technologies, robotics, video game design and programming, iOS, C++, Go, and more. Each is handpicked to provide an instant reference library; just redeem your code, download and you’re set.

Packt recruits writers from the computer world, looking for people who can clearly communicate their practical experience. You’ll learn from data scientists, cybersecurity experts, computer engineers, and many others who will guide you through self-paced projects, concepts, and theories drawn from their work experience.

They also design their books to be convenient to use. Packt publishes its books without any DRM or other complications, so you can quickly add titles to community reference libraries as needed, and offers several accepted formats for reading on desktop, mobile, and conventional eReaders. This makes them easy to search, copy and paste, take notes, and use for collaboration and discussion.

The coding job is easier when you have the right reference materials at your fingertips. the Complete set of Learn to Code eBooks place them wherever you need them for $29.99, 95% off the MSRP of $647,

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