Christian Website Lift Up A Banner releases its tenth free e-book in six months


Obscure biblical teachings have caused many misconceptions in the Body of Christ, causing Christians to drift away from the original message and ultimately lose sight of the message of Scripture. It was not written to be rejected, but to guide the followers of Christ. Most Christians today spend much of their time reading passages that make little sense to them. A lack of understanding renders their devotion to study fruitless. Lift Up A Banner was started to help people understand the Bible, and these free christian ebooks will guide you in understanding.

Using plain English language and simple explanations, Lift Up A Banner ensures a clear understanding of biblical concepts and the meaning of scripture. Its purpose is to provide readers with resources, articles, books, and videos to help them understand the Bible, break it down, and understand its message. “This is the Bible in a rarely seen format, using visual references and the original languages ​​for reference, we analyze and compare the Word of God with spiritual truths,” says Jonathan Heller, founder of Lift Up A Banner .

Lift Up A Banner uses Strong’s Concordance to break down the original languages ​​of the Bible and explain the exact meaning of the prophets, apostles and teachings of Jesus Christ. Additionally, they use videos as visual and audio aids to expand understanding and facilitate follow-up. Jonathan also says, “The time of Revelation is the time of unveiling. We make it simple and easy to understand.

In addition to being completely free, Lift Up A Banner does not place any commercial advertising or solicit donations. To find out more or to enter the ten Christian e-books to download, visit them directly. You will find many lessons, studies and instructional videos. All are intertwined and meant to build on top of each other, layer upon layer.

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