Could this be the most complete English bookstore for children in Beijing?


We are almost at the end of March, but the promise of warmer days and spring flowers has been seriously hampered by this grey, cold and foggy weather that we are experiencing. These days, all my child and I want to do is cuddle up under a blanket with a few good books and a cup of hot chocolate nearby. Unfortunately, our personal library isn’t as well stocked as I would like, so we set out to expand it and found this little gem of a bookstore tucked away in a nondescript office building near Solana!

Located inside the Golden Landmark Office Building on the ninth floor across two units (910 and 911), Mac Kids Bookstore is perhaps the most comprehensive English bookstore I’ve come across in Beijing so far. Its inventory spans reading ages from 0 to 18, offering many toddler-friendly hardbacks to popular series for early readers such as Dogman, and classics like Nancy Drew to young adult books like the Lord of the Rings trilogy by JRR Tolkien. But if you can’t find the book you want on their shelves, the management will be happy to bring it to you in Beijing. Of course, this is subject to government customs approval.

Another good thing about the store – they let you browse and read their books before you buy! I was even allowed to remove the plastic wrapping from any books I liked if I wanted to read the contents. Then there is an intimate reading nook at the back of the store with a few armchairs and a table where you can snuggle up with your children for some quiet reading time together.

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Images: Vivienne Rush, Mac Kids Bookstore


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