Daredevil Fans Use Official Marvel Website Because Evidence Series Is Canon


The continuity of television shows produced by defunct Marvel Television has been the source of one debate after another in recent years. In fact, these arguments will likely last until Marvel Studios officials declare the likes of daredevil and Agents of SHIELD set in the same continuity as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now fans of the former are using Marvel’s official website as proof of “canonicity” regarding daredevil.

On Marvel.com’s encyclopedic listing for the character of Daredevil, there’s an extensive listing of Matt Murdock’s (Charlie Cox) life during the events of the daredevil TV show. Not only that, but the same listing goes on to show where Murdock is during Spider-Man: No Coming Home thus, as if this same character appeared both in the series and in the film.

See the Daredevil page for yourself here.

It is important to note that this list, in particular, does not refer to any of the live action events. daredevil film that included Ben Affleck’s take on the character leading the way. In fact, it looks like no character directly outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe even has the “Full On-Screen Report” option available. Anyone from Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine to Wesley Snipes’ Blade to Sydney Lemmon’s Satana Helstrom is totally absent.

Who has the pages, however, are all members of the DefendersVerse, recently added to Disney+ after a years-long stint at Netflix.

Either way, Daredevil fans can expect to see Cox again before too long.

“I think at this point I expect to be involved to some degree,” Cox said earlier this year. “Otherwise it would be a bit of a weird moment of a scene. I don’t know much, I know a little, and what I do know, I’m very excited…there’s a chance it’s the next ten years of my life.”

The DefendersVerse is now streaming in its entirety on Disney+.

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