DFS NBA Picks for FanDuel and DraftKings – Playoffs Tuesday 4/19/22


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Spike Guard / Shooting Guard

Trae youngTrae young FD – $9,500 DK – $9,300
Opponent – MIA
Project Pts FD – 50.87 DK – 55.41

He completely sucked in the first game, I understand. Could Miami have his number everywhere? Perhaps. It is certainly possible. But I also don’t want to completely overreact to a game, knowing what kind of dynamic offensive talent Trae is when things roll. He shot 1-12 in that opener, an affair that turned into a blowout. I don’t think we can project that for every game, and there’s one world where things stay close and it murders that number. I’m coming back to Trae’s Well here with the idea that we’re getting it at a discount, all things considered.

Kyle LowryKyle Lowry FD – $7,000 DK – $6,300
Opponent – ATL
Proj Pts FD – 34.54 DK – 36.09

He didn’t play a ton in the first game, mostly because he didn’t have to. It turned into a blowout early on and no one on the Heat side was taxed that much. I don’t think Miami blows them the whole series and I think we can throw Lowry into the top 30 in terms of minutes, which definitely makes it a value play. Even in just 29 minutes on Sunday, this guy went for 10 points and nine assists with a few steals and four rebounds. It just comes too cheap on DraftKings in particular.

CJ McCollumCJ McCollum FD – $8,400 DK – $8,100
Opponent – OPS
Proj Pts FD – 44.78 DK – 46.17

As long as the game stays close, even from a distance, we can count on CJ McCollum to play a million minutes. The Pelicans need every bit of production and there’s a reason he ran 43 minutes out of the gate. Considering New Orleans needs its score in the worst possible way, as long as there is a glimmer of hope, it has a very high floor at these prices. In Game 1 of the series, CJ played 43 minutes, had a team-high 25 shots, and finished with 25 points, eight rebounds and six assists. It’s such a balanced line and he’s their main designer. I think it’s a pretty easy call all things considered.

Max StrusMax Strus FD – $4,000 DK – $4,100
Opponent – ATL
Proj Pts FD – 21.18 DK – 23.14

Although I don’t think he has a huge advantage, Strus works well for slates like this as he comes fairly cheap and should play 25-30 minutes if the game remains close. He ran 25 in Game 1 of this series, which turned into a blowout in Miami’s favor, but he was still effective all told. He finished with around 18 fantasy points depending on where you played him, a number we can live with on these kinds of slates. I think it squeezes up to 30 minutes into this one and is cheap enough to get you playing some of the other more expensive pieces on the slate.

small forward

Dillon BrooksDillon Brooks FD – $5,300 DK – $6,200
Opponent – MIN
Proj Pts FD – 34.23 DNK – 34.6

Desmond ScourgeDesmond Scourge FD – $5,600 DK – $6,400
Opponent – MIN
Project Pts FD – 33.98 DK – 35.28

It was a weird game for Memphis in Game 1, losing to Minnesota and giving, at least for now, the home-court advantage in the series. But another thing that was odd was how Taylor Jenkins used more of a regular season rotation than a playoff rotation, running a deeper formation and not going crazy with anyone’s minutes. That really shouldn’t be the case in the playoffs and I think we’re seeing some sort of pivot in Game 2 here. It stands to reason that we are seeing much larger minute shares among starters with Bane and Brooks both increasing the workload to 30s. It would make sense for how playoff games are played with more concentration of minutes around the starters. If that was the scenario, then these two guys are complete and utter business, even with Ja Morant back in the mix and siphoning off a bunch of uses. I love these two guys on FanDuel cash game.

Power forward/center

Karl Anthony TownsKarl Anthony Towns FD – $10,000 DK – $9,500
Opponent – SAME
Project Pts FD – 55.98 DK – 58.54

Towns was a revelation in Game 1 of this series, playing 43 minutes and collecting 29 points and 13 rebounds in this series. By the minute, it wasn’t his best performance, but the Grizzlies struggled to deal with his particular skill set. This should be the case again on Tuesday and there’s a chance we’ll even see an increase in score per minute. He was ultra-efficient, going 11-18 from the field and 5-8 from the line. I think if the minutes are all the same, we see an increase in usage going forward.

Bam AdebayoBam Adebayo FD – $7,900 DK – $7,600
Opponent – ATL
Proj Pts FD – 45.1 DNK – 46.09

Bam wasn’t asked to do much in Game 1 of this series, finishing with just 28 minutes and taking just five shots in total. It was a strange first run in this series and I don’t think it accurately reflected what to expect going forward. He’s still a lag for this Hawk’s team as long as Capela isn’t on the floor and presents real problems at both ends of the court. The price on both sites is incredibly low for his skills and, again, I don’t think the first game is a good indicator of what he can do across the fantasy line in this series.

Onyeka OkongwuOnyeka Okongwu FD – $4,800 DK – $5,000
Opponent – MIA
Proj Pts FD – 28.11 DK – 26.44

He got the start for the injured Capela on Sunday and was popular play because of it. But he also underperformed in the game, finishing with just three points and seven rebounds in 21 minutes in the starting role. It was a disaster for sure, something that makes you question even the lower mid-tier prices. But there were also foul issues in there and the general idea that the Hawks couldn’t do much on the offensive end. I think they pick things up in this second game and Okongwu hits his prize and more. On this list, with hard-to-find savings, it represents a great way to save.




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