DFS NBA Picks for FanDuel and DraftKings – Saturday 11/12/21


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Guard point

Tyus jonesTyus jones FD – $ 5800 DK – $ 6,400
Opponent – HOU
Project points FD – 35.94 DK – 37.53

De'Anthony MeltonDe’Anthony Melton FD – $ 5800 DK – $ 5100
Opponent – HOU
Project points FD – 37.84 DK – 38.26

Ja Morant who? The Grizzlies are 6-1 since their superstar injured and have canceled wins against teams that, at least in theory, should be much better than them. Now they will have another scrappy team that has been fighting recently as well. But the Rockets, for all their punch, remains one of the best DFS clashes around. Jones is averaging 11 points and over seven assists per game over the past five and the minutes have been more consistent in the short term as well. Landing double-digit shots in two of the last three games helps in scoring and he’s had two or more interceptions in five of the last six. It’s a pretty easy game in this situation.

Meanwhile, De’Anthony Melton secured the starting title Thursday against the Lakers when the Grizzlies also lost Dillon brooks. The latter will be absent again this match, so Melton will have to race with the starting unit again. The fantastic points per minute weren’t as incredible for him in this game compared to his role on the bench, but I still think he’s a pretty easy game here again. the DraftKings the price is particularly cheap for what it can deliver when launched.

Shooting guard

Desmond ScourgeDesmond Scourge FD – $ 6,600 DK – $ 7200
Opponent – HOU
Proj points FD – 40.26 DK – 42.62

The second-year shooting guard has been a revelation for this team, especially as they continue to lose players. In the last four games, when Memphis really needed offense, he took 15 or more shots each time and averaged 22 points per game in that streak. He shot almost 50% on three in the short term, which is a bit hot, but this guy just looked like an NBA scorer when given the chance. And he is also able to contribute through the box score. He’s averaged five rebounds and two steals in the last four games, with the workload increasing as Memphis misses two of his starters.

Armoni brooksArmoni brooks FD – $ 4,400 DK – $ 4,000
Opponent – SAME
Proj points FD – 25.38 DK – 27.25

Brooks was part of the Rockets’ starting squad while waiting for Kevin Porter Jr to return from injury. The latter is questionable for this game which would likely take Brooks off the table. But if Armoni is in the starting lineup again, we get it with a big production discount. He played 34 minutes against the Bucks on Friday and was excellent, scoring 21 points while adding five points and three assists. The 17 shots are also very encouraging as he multiplies the attempts to score in the attack. Keep an eye out for injury news at Houston in this one, because it will really matter.

Small before

Caleb martinCaleb martin FD – $ 4,900 DK – $ 3,500
Opponent – CHI
Proj Pts FD – 25.17 DK – 25.88

DraftKings didn’t adjust Caleb Martin’s price enough and we can take advantage of that here. The heat will always be without Jimmy butler in this game and the last time, Martin started in his place. He took full advantage of it. Martin ended up playing 34 minutes against the Bucks and scored 28 points on 9-12 shots (6-8 of three). It’s definitely above his pay grade, but you like to see volume and his DK price could handle a significant regression on those numbers. He also added eight rebounds, three assists and two steals, so it wasn’t all about scoring. It’s an easy kicking game on DraftKings. I don’t think i wanna go FanDuel although.

Terence davisTerence davis FD – $ 5,700 DK – $ 3,700
Opponent – KEY
Proj points FD – 27.4 DK – 29.62

Davis is another who DraftKings dropped the ball in terms of price adjustments. He’s been in short-term starting lineup for the Kings and has really shown his ability to score in clusters. In the last four games, Davis is averaging 22 points and five rebounds. He made nearly eight three-point attempts per game and lost just a few minutes to the Hornets on Friday due to a foul issue. The DK price is way too low for him in the starting lineup, playing meaningful minutes and hitting shots on offense.

To consider Will barton (FD 6000 DK 7000)

Front / center power

Nikola JokicNikola Jokic FD – $ 11,200 DK – $ 11,900
Opponent – HER
Proj points FD – 61.33 DK – 65.9

Jokic is clearly the paying superstar on this list and I think he will be a popular piece. Considering that the Nuggets and Spurs are in the second half of a home and away game, they just played the other night. And Jokic was his overriding fantasy, achieving a triple-double with 22 points, 13 rebounds and 10 assists. Denver lost the game, but Jokic won the box score. He’s expensive to be sure, but he’s also one of the few basketball players (Giannis is the other) who can keep production in this price bracket. It just does everything and given the amount of mid-level and lower level savings we get at other positions, it’s a pretty clear game in gambling.

Jaren Jackson Jr.Jaren jackson jr. FD – $ 6,400 DK – $ 7,500
Opponent – HOU
Project points FD – 44.97 DK – 44.85

At this point, you just have to live with the threat of a problem and hope it doesn’t happen when you line it up in cash. It bit him early in the last game and he lost minutes because of it. But when it’s good for JJJ, it has about as many advantages as anyone at this price point. He can rack up defensive stats in the right game (this is one of them) and 18 blocks + steals in the last six games. He also scored 25 or more points in three of them. the FanDuel the price is a total lock-in. It’s a bit closer on DraftKings where the salary has been partially adjusted, but I still think he’s playing there as well.

Jarrett allenJarrett allen FD – $ 8,500 DK – $ 8,300
Opponent – BAG
Proj points FD – 43.23 DK – 44.97

Considering some of the savings we’re making on the other positions, I think it’s more than reasonable to go expensive at the PF / C locations on this slate. Allen and the rest of the Cavaliers’ starters lost minutes Friday because they blew up the Timberwolves. It should be a closer game against the Kings who can bring bigger bodies on the inside, but aren’t as good. Allen is enjoying a career year, averaging 17 points and 11 rebounds per game, playing major minutes at center Cleveland. Evan Mobley’s return cuts some production, but not tons. Considering that he is eligible for the PF on FanDuel, I think we can put it in cash with the other two above because we don’t have to spend at the guard posts.

To consider Aaron Gordon (FD 5600 DK 6400)





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