DFS NBA Picks for FanDuel and DraftKings – Tuesday 04/22


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Guard point

Russell westbrookRussell westbrook FD – $ 9000 DK – $ 10,200
Opponent – BAG
Project points FD – 50.29 DK – 55.24

Yep, I know that’s not exactly the way you might want to start out considering the kind of game Westbrook had last time around. He struggled, to say the least, with 20 points, five assists, three rebounds and 9 !!! turnovers in victory over the Timberwolves. It was a bit of a mess, but it at least helped keep its price from climbing. So there is something positive I guess. Today he gets a better match against the Kings who are 24th in defense and run the fifth fastest pace. They are one of the best teams you can go up against in DFS and the game should be top to bottom of the pitch. The implied total is the highest on the front slate.

Tre JonesTre Jones FD – $ 4100 DK – $ 3800
Opponent – TOR
Project points FD – 27.77 DK – 30.36

Spurs are another team dealing with injuries and Covid protocols right now, leaving more backcourt minutes for guys like Tre Jones. He started in the last game and ended up playing 32 minutes in an overtime loss to the Pistons. Jones was largely effective with 15 points on 6-10 shots while also adding seven rebounds. Some of his minutes went to Bryn forbes on the bench with the latter closing the game, so it’s a bit of a concern. But the price on Jones is still firmly in the punt play range, making it a lot less risky to play him in cash. Keep an eye out to see if Spurs change their starting lineup here, but Jones should be good to go.

Shooting guard

White DerrickWhite Derrick FD – $ 8000 DK – $ 7200
Opponent – TOR
Proj points FD – 37.55 DK – 39.33

White is the main beneficiary of Dejounte Murray being out of Spurs training and he sees a use and just a general increase of the ball in this situation. White played 42 minutes in overtime on Saturday and amassed an impressive 18 points and 14 assists in the loss. I think the minutes should go up again. Price is starting to push towards the breaking point even with increasing opportunities, but I still think he’s at stake on this list given the state of Spurs.

Duane Washington Jr.Duane Washington Jr. FD – $ 4000 DK – $ 4000
Opponent – New York
Proj points FD – 27.96 DK – 30.08

The Pacers’ backcourt has been wiped out in the short term and they are running a bit of a shrunken crew there right now. Without Malcolm brogdon and Caris Levert in particular, they had to call on Washington to run important short-term minutes. He had 20 points on an 8-17 shot last time against the Cavaliers. I think the minutes will be in that range again for Tuesday’s game against the Knicks who shouldn’t build up tons of defensive resistance. Washington is a bit dependent on the score for its fantastic production which makes it a bit risky, but that has to do with its price which is still quite low.

Strongly consider Devin Vassell (FD 4800 DK 4400) is he again in the starting XI.

Small before

James lebronJames lebron FD – $ 11,400 DK – $ 11,400
Opponent – BAG
Proj points FD – 65.28 DK – 68.66

Because Anthony davis fell on injury, James lebron had to take a huge load on the Lakers who need every part of his production to stay afloat. In the last eight games, LBJ is averaging 35 points, 10 rebounds and six assists while playing over 36 minutes per game. He’s up for a similar production tonight against the Kings in what should be a quicker game. Given the Showdown and its recent production, it looks like Lebron will be one of the most popular pieces on Slate, and for good reason. There are other ways to save on this list with teams stuck in protocols, so adjusting the salary or even pairing him with Russ shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Justin vacationJustin vacation FD – $ 4,600 DK – $ 4,900
Opponent – New York
Proj points FD – 24.92 DK – 27.85

Holiday is another Pacer who has been asked to play important minutes with the backcourt issues for the team. He played 37 minutes before committing a foul in the loss to the Cavaliers in the last game. He got double-digit shot attempts and finished with 18 points thanks to a 6-9 knockdown of three. It’s obviously a little hot but its price isn’t going to kill you either. Small advance, especially on FanDuel is a problematic position with not a ton of value beyond Lebron. I think in general we want to go a little cheaper here, so playing Holiday in the middle level is a good move.

Front / center power

Jalen smithJalen smith FD – $ 5,800 DK – $ 5,500
Opponent – NO
Proj points FD – 36.91 DK – 38.54

The Suns started Jalen Smith with both Deandre Ayton and Javale McGee in the short term, and the second-year center made the most of it. In the last four games, he’s averaged 16 points and 10.5 rebounds with minutes in his 20s. This kind of production easily arrives at those price points which have failed to adjust in the short term given his new role in the team. He has been heavily detained over the past week and that is expected to continue on Tuesday as well. Even in the mid-level, Smith makes a pretty easy call here, all things considered.

Obi toppinObi toppin FD – $ 5,300 DK – $ 5,200
Opponent – INDIANA
Proj points FD – 37.57 DK – 39.47

With part of the Knicks’ frontcourt hit or in protocols, Toppin was called up for important minutes last time, a loss to the Raptors. He played 45 minutes in regulation and finished with 19 points, six assists and six rebounds, easily paying those salaries. Of course, he needed a ton of minutes to do that, something we have to keep in mind for this game. The Knicks could become Mitchell robinson back for this game that might be a problem, but in reality Toppin is really the only guy, aside from maybe Kevin knox, who can play all four for this team right now. I still think the minutes will be higher and because he helps across the stats line I think he’s pretty safe on those prices.

Damien jonesDamien jones FD – $ 4000 DK – $ 4000
Opponent – LAL
Project points FD – 26.9 DK – 29.5

Damien jones should still be in the starting lineup for the Kings with Richaun holmes and arrives far too inexpensively at both sites. He played 29 minutes last time against the Heat and had a double-double with 18 points and 10 rebounds. The Lakers have been playing a bit smaller lately which could jeopardize some of Jones’ minutes if there isn’t an effective defensive mission for him, but I’m willing to take that risk at these prices.




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