DFS NBA Picks for FanDuel and DraftKings – Tuesday 1/11/22


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Guard point

Monte MorrisMonte Morris FD – $ 4,900 DK – $ 4,700
Opponent – LAKE
Project points FD – 25.65 DK – 28.12

The Nuggets will be without Will Barton in this game, which could open up a bit of use for some of the other ancillary pieces in the Denver lineup. Playing the playmaker for this team doesn’t come with the same responsibilities as it does with others, given that much of the offense goes through Nikola Jokic, but Morris should see minutes at least in his 30s. And double-digit moves should also be in the cards. That wasn’t the case the last time around in a game against the OKC Thunder, but in general, that’s Morris’s expectation. Price won’t break the bank and it offers a good way to save at a lower position on this slate.

Patrick beverleyPatrick beverley FD – $ 6,800 DK – $ 5,300
Opponent – NO
Project points FD – 32.5 DK – 34.1

Patrick Beverley is expected to be back in the starting lineup for the Timberwolves on Tuesday and is a solid game from DraftKings at the low $ 5,000 price tag. I think it’s a bridge a bit too far on FanDuel where it pushes $ 7,000 on that slate. But Beverley offers solid fantastic ground as he scores his points on the box score. Over the season, he averages nine points, 5.2 assists, 4.6 rebounds and nearly two defensive stats every 26.7 minutes. None of these jump off the page but they add up and as a starter he’s mostly played more than 30 minutes per game.

Shooting guard

Zach lavineZach lavine FD – $ 7,500 DK – $ 9,400
Opponent – DET
Proj points FD – 41.37 DK – 45.55

The Bulls have one of the best clashes on the slate, facing the Pistons on Tuesday. Detroit is playing defensive efficiency in the bottom third and running a top-10 pace, which for this group of games represents one of the best opportunities. Lavine has seen the price drop recently, especially on FanDuel where it now sits in the $ 7,000 range. Part of this is due to the short-term results which really saw him only score and not display other stats on the periphery. Sure, he’s amassed 27 points per game in the last four games, but during that time he’s also averaging three rebounds and two assists per game. To really capitalize on these prices, he has to do little more than put the ball in the basket. But I still like the price here and I think it’s a FanDuel game in particular.

Devonte 'GrahamDevonte ‘Graham FD – $ 5,500 DK – $ 5,600
Opponent – MIN
Proj points FD – 29.53 DK – 32.68

Do you think the Pelicans would like to get Lonzo Ball back? It looks like it. They didn’t come close to the production they expected by bringing in DeVonte ‘Graham, but I think there is some value in playing this guy on this list. He should see minutes in the low 30s against the Timberwolves and comes on the cheaper side on both DraftKings and FanDuel. He’s averaging nearly 14 shots per game over the last five, but struggles on the pitch (35%), which has driven the price down. Even though he’s not the best shooter in the world, I think there should be some regression in that regard, which means we could easily hit the value of the prizes if the shots match his season averages. .

Small before

DeMar DeRozanDeMar DeRozan FD – $ 8,200 DK – $ 8,700
Opponent – DET
Proj points FD – 41.69 DK – 44.01

Like Lavine, DeRozan gets one of the best matchups here and has seen the price drop a bit in the short term. He’s still showing numbers, but with the Bulls’ health improving they haven’t had to run him for that many minutes and some of the other numbers have seen a dip as well. That’s fine all things considered and I think we’re getting it at a value on this slate. He’s consistently racked up over 23 points, five rebounds and five assists in the past week or so while shooting below his season averages on the field. Let’s take a dip on the DDR and stack some cash bulls against the Pistons.

Brandon ingramBrandon ingram FD – $ 8,000 DK – $ 8,200
Opponent – MIN
Proj points FD – 40.45 DK – 44.3

It’s a fast-paced matchup for the New Orleans Pelicans as they take on the Timberwolves who place fifth overall in that category this season. The latter has been good in defense, but there should be plenty of opportunities for Ingram and his company to move up and down the pitch in this game. The Pelicans really need Ingram’s scoring given their general lack of creators currently on the roster while Zion Williamson remains on the shelf. Ingram has shot 18 or more shots in three of the last four games, although he has shot poorly on the field (37%) and three (17%) during that streak. But the opportunity is there and the price is right in this game.

Front / center power

Nikola JokicNikola Jokic FD – $ 11,400 DK – $ 12,000
Opponent – LAKE
Proj points FD – 62.34 DK – 66.76

I think we’re going to have enough room to accommodate some of the guys mentioned above with Jokic on this slate. Look, the dude is just a beast when it comes to fantasy production, posting MVP-like numbers this season despite a supporting cast that has been more than a little suspect. Over the past five games it has been more of the same with Jokic scoring over 26 points and 15 rebounds in that streak. Here he will face a Clippers who are very solid in defense and who run at a slower pace. But given the rest of the options on the slate and Jokic’s ability to operate almost independently, I think we can pay for his services here and not think twice.

Otto Porter Jr.Otto Porter Jr. FD – $ 5,100 DK – $ 4,900
Opponent – SAME
Proj points FD – 28.54 DK – 30.14

Draymond Green has already been excluded from this game which means we should have Otto Porter in the starting lineup. The latter is cheaper, although it is close since there might be a drop in usage with this starter role. That’s because with the Warriors bringing Klay Thompson back into the mix, more of the offense is just going to go through him and, of course, Stephen Curry. But Porter could push for about 30 minutes in the starting role for this game against the Grizzlies. Hopefully we have the starting lineup for the Warriors before lockdown given that the game starts an hour later. But I like Porter for the money with the assumption that he runs with the starting five.

Derrick Jones Jr.Derrick Jones Jr. FD – $ 3,800 DK – $ 3,300
Opponent – DET
Proj Pts FD – 20.78 DK – 20.38

If you’re trying to get a cheap game or two to round out some of the more expensive guys on this list, I don’t mind tempting Derrick Jones who should still be in the Bulls’ starting lineup on Tuesday. He doesn’t play tons and tons of minutes in the role, but he also comes close to the minimum on both sites. He scored nine points and took eight rebounds last time off the tee and on a per minute basis he’s also been solid adding defensive stats this season. I love the game against Detroit and if no more punters come up, it helps allay some of the salary issues.





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