DFS NBA picks for FanDuel and DraftKings – Tuesday 1/18/22


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Point Guard/Shooting Guard

Cade CunninghamCade Cunningham FD – $6,000 DK – $7,500
Opponent – GS
Proj Pts FD – 35.07 DK – 39.07

After a day full of hoops on Monday, Tuesday calms down considerably with just two games on the schedule. It’s going to make for some strange decisions, especially considering Game 2 between the Pistons and Warriors poses significant blowout risk. We really won’t be able to mitigate that, so I think directing Cade here under the circumstances is fine. He’s had some up-and-down performance lately, struggling to keep the scoreline consistent, but he’s got a high enough floor all told. Over the season, he averaged nearly 16 points per game with more than five rebounds and assists each. The score can also rise when locked in, but the inconsistency is what keeps the price in check. It’s an easy FanDuel game at just $6,000.

Stephen CurryStephen Curry FD – $10,600 DK – $10,600
Opponent – TED
Proj Pts FD – 47.6 DNK – 52.05

Speaking of trying to fade the blowout, that will be a problem on the other side of the ball as well. Steph could easily see his minutes cut late in this game if the Warriors -15 opening line stays true to form. After coming out of the gates hotter than the sun, Curry has cooled down a bit lately, shooting less than 30 percent from three in his last seven games. The Warriors also stumbled in that streak, losing three of their last five. But they should be able to turn things around here against a weak Pistons team.

Patrick BeverlyPatrick Beverly FD – $6,400 DK – $5,500
Opponent – New York
Proj Pts FD – 29.89 DK – 31.34

Although he is by no means the focal point of the attack, Beverley has found a way to do so from a fantastic point of view this season. This is because it contributes just enough on the stat line to keep the floor in check with its price. Every 30 minutes, he’s averaging more than 10 points, five rebounds, and five assists per game, while also adding more on the defensive end. The game against the Knicks is fine considering the shorter slate.

D'Angelo RusselD’Angelo Russel FD – $7,600 DK – $8,200
Opponent – New York
Proj Pts FD – 36.17 DNK – 39.86

Even while sharing the offensive load with Anthony Edwards and Karl-Anthony Towns, Russell has found his way into production, getting around 15 shots per game over the past month and averaging 20 points per game over that span. And he’s really started racking up the assists lately, getting double-digit ten cents in his last five games. It’s a good place for him and the price hasn’t really been corrected on FanDuel against his performance. I think he makes a higher ground game in this scenario.

small forward

Alec BurkAlec Burk FD – $6,300 DK – $6,500
Opponent – MIN
Proj Pts FD – 34.09 DK – 36.11

Burks completely sucked in the last game, turning into total shit against the Hornets in the loss. But one game shouldn’t completely change our opinion of a player and I’m looking for a rebound here against the Timberwolves. He’s a guy who played in the middle of the top 30 minutes while in the starting lineup and averaged double-digit points on about 10 shots per game. He also bounced back from position quite well and that, along with some assists, really contributed to some fantastic strong performances. I think we’re going to run him well in the line-ups, apart from yesterday’s game.

Otto Porter Jr.Otto Porter Jr. FD – $6,900 DK – $5,800
Opponent – TED
Proj Pts FD – 30.11 DK – 31.6

Porter is expected to redesign the start for the Warriors with Draymond Green on the shelf. From a fantasy standpoint, per minute he has been very solid and could push up to around 30 minutes in this game again if the game stays even a little tight. He’s shooting 40% on three of four attempts per game, and for about 26 minutes, he’s averaging double-digit points and more than six rebounds per game. Sure, the price is going up now, but our options are very slim on this list, so we have to take what we can get.

Power forward/center

Michael RobinsonMichael Robinson FD – $5,400 DK – $5,400
Opponent – MIN
Proj Pts FD – 30.39 DK – 30.85

Robinson should be in the starting lineup again for the Knicks and the hope is that he can run around 30 minutes in this one. That’s about the cut-off point for center and when the run is there, production has usually followed. He doubled in three of his last four games before falling a bit against the Hornets in a disappointing performance. And, at times, he was also able to rack up the defensive stats. I think at these price points on a shortlist, we can run him into cash and hope he can stay out of some reprehensible trouble against Karl-Anthony Towns and company.

Jarred VanderbiltJarred Vanderbilt FD – $6,200 DK – $5,700
Opponent – New York
Proj Pts FD – 31.11 DK – 30.83

Vanderbilt has been struggling lately, fantasy-wise, but there’s some context to that. In two of the games he had foul issues and the third turned into a blowout. I think the minutes go back over 30 in this game and that should be enough to give him a solid floor on this slate. With pretty slim picks, we’re going to try to find enough minutes on the sidelines and Vanderbilt represents one of those opportunities. He’s still able to bounce back from position quite well, even though he cedes the use to virtually everyone on the court.

Julius Randle (FD 8400 DK 9200) was another Knick who struggled Monday against the Hornets. But in general he has a very high minute floor with the way Thibs plays him. I think we can get back on track on Tuesday, especially on FanDuel where it’s a little too cheap.




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