DFS NBA Picks for FanDuel and DraftKings – Wednesday 12/15/21


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Guard point

Jalen brunsonJalen brunson FD – $ 6200 DK – $ 6700
Opponent – LAL
Project points FD – 36.51 DK – 39.33

Luka Doncic has already been excluded for this game and, again, the sites did not take this into account in Jalen brunsonthe price. With Luka off the field this season, Brunson has a 25.6% use rate, the team’s second-highest in this scenario. It just takes over most of the offense, which makes it a very easy game. Sure, the last game was 25 minutes and the race burned, but it was in the blast against the Hornets. He still collected 13 points and eight assists. Against the Lakers, who have struggled in defense this season, it seems like an easy game to line up given the workload he would have to have in a close game.

Jrue HolidaysJrue Holidays FD – $ 8000 DK – $ 7,500
Opponent – INDIANA
Project points FD – 39.86 DK – 42.92

Over the past two seasons, Jrue Holidays has a utilization rate of 29% when Giannis is not in the field. He becomes one of the focal points of the offense when the Bucks are forced to go in a different direction. And that will be the case on Wednesday against the Pacers. In addition, there is a chance that Khris Middleton missing this one with the issues around his hyper-stretched knee. This would all line up for Jrue to be a chalk game here on this slate given the Bucks arrive a bit compromised. I don’t think we need to overthink this decision given the circumstances.

Shooting guard

Armoni brooksArmoni brooks FD – $ 4800 DK – $ 5500
Opponent – KEY
Project points FD – 31.03 DK – 33.52

Eric Gordonwas excluded from that game with Kevin Porter Jr. and the Rockets are probably already in trouble. Brooks will start here on the wing, although he will also have ball management responsibilities given how thin the Rockets are in that department at the moment. He was injured in the last game, which interrupted part of his run, but when he had the chance he has been brilliant at these prices this season. Heading into the last game, over the previous three, he averaged 18 points, six rebounds and three assists. That line plus a few defensive elements here and there are enough to warrant a game of money.

Darius garlandDarius garland FD – $ 7,500 DK – $ 7,900
Opponent – HOU
Proj points FD – 39.68 DK – 43.37

Houston remains one of the best DFS draws this season and nothing will change tonight. They rank 24th in defensive efficiency and first in pace. We’ve said it before, but it’s the perfect intersection of the fast and the bad that we like to target almost every night. Stacking a few Cavs here is going to make sense. Garland is having a stellar season, scoring 19 points per game while also handing out a career-high 7.5 assists. It came with Colin Sexton put aside and Garland took over and more. The Cavs are just a good team at this point with the best points differential in the East. And Garland’s price just doesn’t reflect the game or its production, especially on FanDuel.

Small before

Mathews GarrisonMathews Garrison FD – $ 4,700 DK – $ 4,700
Opponent – KEY
Proj points FD – 26.97 DK – 28.84

As mentioned with Brook, the Rockets are pretty thin in the backcourt for this game and Mathews could see a ton of minutes. His production has been hit and miss this season, but part of that is because he has shared the pitch with higher volume players like Gordon. That won’t be the case in this game and double-digit shot attempts should be in the cards. He faces one of the best defenses in the league, but we’re playing the game here on how many points he should get and how much use is expected. In previous games with this kind of scenario, Mathews hit about 39 minutes and scored 23 and 19 points respectively. He is very dependent on scores and does nothing in terms of assists. But he managed to get on the glass at times, even grabbing eight rebounds in the last game.

Josh HartJosh Hart FD – $ 5,900 DK – $ 6,300
Opponent – OKAY
Proj Pts FD – 32.49 DK – 35.04

Hart is locked in the starting lineup with Zion Williamson for the foreseeable future and he’s making the most of the opportunity. When the Pelicans can stay close in games, Hart plays a ton of minutes and is able to produce through the stat line. In the last three games, he has averaged 13 points, 10 rebounds and six assists in 34 minutes of regulation time. This production is excellent for where his salary is at both sites. And he’s unlikely to kill you given that he scores his fantasy points in various ways. Plus, he makes a great match against the Thunder tank.

Front / center power

Jarrett allenJarrett allen FD – $ 8,500 DK – $ 8,300
Opponent – HOU
Proj points FD – 47.44 DK – 48.48

Evan mobleyEvan mobley FD – $ 7,300 DK – $ 6,900
Opponent – HOU
Project points FD – 41.64 DK – 41.72

You just gotta like the game here. We said that with Darius Garland earlier and it still applies to great men. Stacking the big two in this game probably makes sense considering they’re not ready to face a lot of resistance at either end of the pitch. Houston simply allows opponents to rack up tons of stats with the way they play. On average, rebounds are up 3% while opponents’ interceptions and blocks are 35% (!) And 21% more than the league average over the season. The pace of their play and style make opponents great DFS options. That comes into play for Allen and Mobley who are both enjoying great seasons in their own right. Allen is averaging a double-double with 17 points and 11 rebounds with more than one block per game.

Meanwhile, Mobley is heading for the Rookie of the Year title so far with 14 points, eight rebounds, 2.5 assists and 2.7 blocks + assists per game. It’s just such a balanced line and its price on both sites isn’t close to where it should be in this showdown. the DraftKings the salary is particularly advantageous, but it should really be written in cash on both. I love this pairing because the floor is so high considering the game.

Bobby portisBobby portis FD – $ 7,700 DK – $ 7,100
Opponent – INDIANA
Proj points FD – 39.19 DK – 41.78

With Giannis already ruled out of this one and Middleton questionable, I think we can confidently roll Portis here in a perfect situation for him. Portis sees huge leaps in all areas of production with Giannis off the pitch this season, which makes sense considering how much of the latter builds up during games. Portis utilization rate drops from 23% to 26% with rebounds and assists also increasing. Its price is higher because it has been productive during the season, even with Giannis in the mix. But it’s such a good opportunity that I think we can still run with him here because of the situation.

Strongly consider Kristaps Porzingis (FD 8700 DK 8600) which lit it up during the last match with Luka Doncic out of alignment.



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