Dinamic may have an ebook that can give a glimpse into the historical past of the famous Spanish online games studio from the 80s


Dinamic’s Historical Past analyzes all of the company’s video games during the testimony of the people concerned.

Dinamic will have a book that will review the history of the famous Spanish video game studio of the 80s

The company Dinamic was one of the indispensable Spanish constructors, was based throughout the golden age of the Spanish apparatus, in 1984 through 3 brothers, Pablo, Nacho and Víctor Ruiz. They started doing all the paintings, promoting video games by means of setting up whose cassettes and sleeves they made themselves.

After 3 years, they billed 140 million pesetas over 12 months, or more than 840 thousand euros, winning the Perfect Younger Corporate award of 1987 and occupying the duvet of El País Semanal. Jesús Martínez del Vas met the story of its upswing and downfall in an ebook that gives an opinion on his paintings, offering intensive data gathered during interviews over the past ten years.

Dinamic will have a book that will review the history of the famous Spanish video game studio of the 80s

336 pages and a total of 61 video games analyzedEbook options 336 pages entirely dedicated to Dinamic, with a 61 video games analyzed, all created using Dinamic Tool. The paintings have an incredible complete color structure and include many stripes and fragments of interviews with the people who were involved in the construction of each game.

We will also be able to discover a prologue by the Ruiz brothers, founders of Dinamic and through Luis Rodriguez, certainly one of its first participants. The ebook will come later December 9 and is now to be pre-ordered, each in its deluxe version and its spectacular collector’s version, which will perhaps be to have on December 16 and includes many extras, comparable to a targeted cassette, a Dinamic banner and a reproduction of the main Dinamic advertisement. If you want to know more about the writer and Dinamic, we remind you that you must have his sensational article on The Tableware Struggle, the questionable Spanish parody of Celebrity Wars.

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