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Late last year, Breaking Defense set out to do two things at once: summarize the top trends and stories of 2021, and lay out the top trends and stories to watch in 2022. The result was our review of the 2021. /2022 Year Preview package, which we are now pleased to present as a single downloadable eBook.

Download the free eBook here, no registration required.

2021 has been, potentially, a pivotal year for defense, with the start of the new Biden administration opening up new areas of interest for the Pentagon and its partners. But the word “potentially” is important, because many of the ideas and goals laid out by Biden’s national security team ran up against real-world challenges: the continuation of the pandemic, the disaster in Afghanistan, threats invasion of Ukraine and the – unresolved inability at the time of writing to pass a budget.

Looking back, we tried to highlight any stories or trends that might have slipped through the cracks as major world events unfolded. What struck was the amount of news there was last year. There’s so much going on day-to-day that stories can simply get lost or forgotten days after they’re published, no matter how impactful they are at the time. Our predictions for 2022, meanwhile, have focused on key issues for our readership, providing a kind of roadmap for what to look for in the months ahead.

The past year has seen some amazing changes for the Breaking Defense team, with the number of journalists doubling and an increased push towards international reporting. But one thing this collection should emphasize is that this team has always done an exemplary job – a standard we plan to continue in 2022.


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