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For years, the military space community has been something of an outcast within its own house. While the services would pretend to say how important space was, those directly involved in the community felt left out within the Air Force and elsewhere. That seemed to suddenly change when then-President Trump declared the creation of a US space force, and a wave of attention – both from the public and the defense industry – swirled. produced.

About 20 months after the Space Force was created, Breaking Defense launched a first-of-its-kind attempt to take the temperature of the US military space community, with the aptly named Breaking Defense Military Space Survey.

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The online survey, which ran from mid-August to mid-September, polled nearly 500 space professionals on a variety of topics, including the biggest threats to US space ambitions, the growing role of Space Force and the space capabilities that need it most. future investment.

About one-third of respondents identified themselves as military or government, while two-thirds identified themselves as defense/space industry or government contractors. 35% identified themselves as “senior manager, executive, director or equivalent”, and an additional 27% identified themselves as “manager, program manager, technical director or equivalent”.

In this collection, you’ll find a series of stories and infographics about the survey’s most interesting findings. We also encourage you to take the time to watch the Space Investigation Roundtable, where four experts discuss the results and what they mean for America.

Once the investigation was over, the picture of the military space only got more complicated. The last three months of 2021 saw the revelation of a Chinese split orbital bombardment system that was deployed on a hypersonic glider vehicle, a shocking Russian anti-satellite test that sent debris into orbit, and the advent of megaconstellations in the sector. commercial.

It will be fascinating to see how all of this is reflected in the 2022 edition of the survey – coming later this year.


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