Dyad Force Explained In New Star Wars: Secrets Of The Sith Book


The famous Force dyad explained! The now canonical information is contained in a new guide. Star Wars: Secrets of the Sith was released today and the book is written from a Darth Sidious perspective. It’s like you’ve chatted with old Palp and he’s decided to walk you through all the Sith knowledge for a laugh. While there are a number of interesting little details, I think the most important is that of the Force dyad. Of course, before Abrams The Rise of Skywalker, the Force dyad did not exist in Star wars cannon. However, now I think there are several ways for Lucasfilm to grab certain details to their advantage. Specifically to give the impression that the dyad has always been there.

I’ll start by saying that I really despised almost every aspect of The Rise of Skywalker like a movie, or a piece of cannon. Sidious’ comeback was a bad move for me, and only today was I arguing with another fan on Twitter who thought it was a great idea and still planned. However, the real idea behind explaining Ben and Rey’s deep connection as a Force dyad, I was fine with that. I understand this was just to give the old Palp something to do and be a threat, however, it matched the connection we had seen in The Last Jedi.

Let’s take a look at what exactly is said about the Force Dyad in the book.

From Star Wars: Secrets of the Sith by Marc Sumerak

I have few secrets of the Force left to master. But the ancient prophecies of our Order speak of a legendary manifestation unseen for generations – a dyad. This pairing of two strong beings in the Force, linked together by an indestructible bond, creates a power as strong as life itself.

Two that are one

For a millennium, the Sith have adhered to the Rule of Two. But it is said that this decree is only a pale imitation of its predecessor, the Doctrine of the Dyad. Legends claim that two beings sharing this deep connection have access to a great number of abilities – skills beyond the reach of even the most powerful Force bearer. It was believed that members of a dyad were able to transfer their life force to heal others. Some could even make physical objects pass through time and space in an instant. If two Sith were linked so deeply that they transcended their physical beings, the power they could unlock together would know no bounds.

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Did Lucasfilm just explain why Force Healing suddenly became a thing in the final chapter of a nine-part saga? Of course, insightful eyes will also indicate that Grogu is using healing in The Mandalorian. It is a key in the works for sure. Obviously, when the decision was made to have Grogu treated, in order to completely soften the blow in the next film, this idea has not yet been created. Again, I don’t like the creepy power that healing provides. Therefore, a single explanation as to why Rey and Ben might do it, but not Yoda or Luke, is welcome. This means we don’t have to worry about every Jedi suddenly being able to heal people at will.

I have a feeling that this Dyad Force could also be reinstated in the new KOTR remake. We know the original game isn’t quite canon, and I’m expecting some changes. One way to show the unusual connection between Revan and Bastilla would be to call them a dyad. It would also be related to what is now canon not to see a dyad in a millennium.

I do not like TROS, but I have to live with it. It’s going to take years but maybe there is something to be saved from the bad choice that was JJ Abrams? What do you think of the Force dyad explained in the new book Star Wars: Secrets of the Sith? Thoughts below.

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