eBay reinvests in the backend of the offer site


Want to bid on eBay to get an item in front of buyers? eBay makes the process of submitting offers easier through a new sales portal – if you’re one of the few guests on the program, of course.

According to a message eBay sent to an EcommerceBytes reader on Thursday, it introduces a new and improved offerings experience for sellers.

“From October 4, 2021, our new portal for sellers, powered by state-of-the-art automation, will make it easier than ever to submit offers, track them and review their status. “

Presumably, the notification referred to eBay’s deals site at eBay.com/deals, which is at the very top of its website, next to the sign-in button. eBay launched Daily Deals in 2011. According to a post on Skuvault since last year:

“Daily Deals on eBay.com come from trusted sellers who offer deep discounts on limited quantity products. Ebay has its own algorithm to determine who can become a Daily Deals seller. The process is complex and time consuming. for a new eBay seller., and only the most dedicated receive Daily Deal accounts. “

The types of items featured on eBay deals are what you would expect – basic items in categories such as electronics, clothing, jewelry, and housewares. We interviewed a participant in 2013 who explained how it worked, but we haven’t seen much information from eBay on their Deals site since 2017 when the company reported that only a small subset of sellers were licensed to sell there – 900 sellers participated in eBay deals that year.

We researched up-to-date information for sellers who might be interested in submitting offers for consideration, but despite the lost letter to the EcommerceBytes reader who received this week’s notification email, there was not much – something to find.

The notice the reader received had the subject line, “Submitting offers is now so much easier,” and here’s what was inside:

You are invited to the seller portal, our new experience of offers for sellers


We continuously invest in the seller experience to help you increase the speed of sales and grow your business on eBay. Based on your feedback, we introduce a new and improved offers experience.

From October 4, 2021, our new portal for sellers, powered by state-of-the-art automation, will make it easier than ever to submit offers, track them and review their status.

On September 30, you will be able to access the Vendor Portal. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the Vendor Portal, review the training materials, and prepare to start submitting your unsubsidized offers when the first submission window launches on October 4.

Visit the Seller Portal from September 30 at sellerportal.ebay.com.

As always, thank you for selling on eBay.

EBay sales team

Interestingly, the seller who received the invite was unfamiliar with eBay offers and was reluctant to log in with their seller account, telling EcommerceBytes: I certainly don’t want to be coerced into another program that I don’t know anything about. , especially one that I definitely don’t want to use, and I’m worried that if I log in to check it out, they’ll make it have a live response and may force me to too. “

EBay’s email to the seller referred to “unsubsidized” offers, making it clear that it was up to sellers to downsize their products without any financial help from eBay.

It would be interesting to learn more about sellers’ experiences with eBay offers, but it is clearly not a good choice for all article or all seller. Let us know if you have also received an invite and if you are considering participating in any deals, especially during the holiday shopping season.


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