eBay takes the pulse of sellers in new survey


eBay seller survey – if you answered it, let us know what questions eBay asked and what you thought of the survey.

A reader sent us the invitation, which read, “We would like to hear more about your recent sales experiences. Could you take a 4 minute survey for us? Your answers will help us make eBay a better place to sell.

“eBay just sent out another survey which I’m sure won’t change anything,” the reader said, and provided some of the statements eBay wanted sellers to comment on:

eBay always puts the seller first

eBay is a brand that cares about me

eBay is a brand I can rely on “no matter what”

eBay is a brand I feel connected to

eBay has my best interest at heart

eBay helps me become a better seller

eBay gives me the assurance that they will fix things if something goes wrong

eBay is a brand that “gets me” or understands me

“I would love to see the results of surveys like this,” the seller wrote.

We noticed on Twitter that an eBay user posted on Monday morning: “I just tried to fill out eBay’s survey, the most absurd piece of crap I’ve ever seen. It turned me off to use eBay more than anything.” We don’t know if he was referring to the same survey our reader took.

On the eBay forums, a user posted a topic Sunday titled “Fake survey, what does this not apply to me” and included a screenshot of what could have been an eBay survey – the poster did not say – which focused on what respondents thought of the purchase.

The screenshot showed the question: “Finally, we’d like to ask you to share your feelings and opinions about online shopping. For each pair of statements, please indicate which one you agree with the most. ( Select an answer for each pair of statements. )”

One of the combinations of statements dealt with respondents’ interest in used versus new:

– I am interested in purchasing older/discontinued models, or second-hand items, such as vintage or collectibles

– I only buy items that are new and in their original packaging.

Another pairing of statements dealt with premium pricing for unique items versus getting the best possible deal:

– When buying online, I’m willing to pay a higher price for a single item

– I love finding the best possible deal when I shop online.

Sounds like the kind of questions eBay might ask buyers – let us know if you’ve received this survey and when.

One final note: remember that you should always be suspicious of emails claiming to be from a company asking you to click on a link to complete a survey. But if you receive a legitimate invite, please share your thoughts on it. There are times when an eBay survey can reveal new features or services that are on the way.


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