Etsy allows people to leave reviews on unpurchased items??


We received an email from a reader who told us that Etsy had allowed her competitor to review one of her listings that she hadn’t even purchased.

When we investigated the issue, we found another report, this one from a shopper who said Etsy was pestering him to leave a review for an item he didn’t purchase and who seemed equally confused than the seller.

The EcommerceBytes reader said it was a “dark program” program in beta testing that she did not agree to participate in “where random people could review ads and star ratings assigned would appear under your store’s reviews”.

“We had a negative review from a competitor giving us a 1-star rating for our LISTING, not a purchased item, which resulted in 94% for the Star Seller period,” she said.

On Saturday, another Etsy user posted a thread on Reddit titled “Etsy wants me to review something I didn’t buy.” Here’s what they wrote (formatted for clarity):

“There’s this cute sticker that shows up in my ‘pending review’ part of the app, but it’s not in my order history. I know I didn’t order it and I only bookmarked it, planning to get it for my fiancée later (but haven’t bought it yet).

“I can’t remove it from the section without leaving a review, and I can’t in good conscience rate a product I don’t have, so there’s an annoying ‘1’ bubble in this section.

“I didn’t order or pay for it, nor was it sent to me by accident (I didn’t receive it, which makes sense because I didn’t order it). I I googled and the Etsy forums and nothing came up to explain. What happened? How do I get rid of it?”

If you have come across this program as a buyer or seller, let us know.


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