Etsy stops penalizing sellers without messages


To become a “Featured Seller” on Etsy, sellers must show that they are listening to customers who contact them. A fatal flaw of the program: Sellers who do not receive any messages during the review period are excluded from the program, thus losing the benefits that Etsy offers to star sellers.

This week, Etsy announced that it will stop excluding sellers who don’t receive any messages during the review period.

Etsy launched the new Star Seller program in July, which some compare to eBay’s top sellers program. At the time, an EcommerceBytes reader pointed out how counterintuitive the messaging policy was – they received few inquiries from buyers, which they saw as a sign of good performance.

On this July 29 AuctionBytes blog post, “Is Etsy’s Star Seller Program a copy of eBay,” said “fusgeyer”, “My store should be eligible, but my customers don’t normally contact me so I don’t have a review the response rate My announcements are clear, the photos are clear, the items are not personalized, and I keep my customers informed during the processing of the order (order received, order dispatched, order delivered, TQ for your opinion). Most never respond unless something goes wrong. “
Three months later, in Monday’s post on his Announcement board, Etsy said it is adjusting the message response rate criteria so that sellers who don’t receive any new messages during the review period are eligible to earn a Star Seller badge.

“Going forward, sellers who do not receive any new messages during their review period but still meet the 5-star shipping and review criteria of 95% or higher will still be recognized for their amazing customer experience and will be eligible to receive a star seller badge. “

Etsy has also said it will update the way it describes the buyer response rate criteria “so that they understand the criteria that we look at when we issue badges to sellers,” but did not expand on this. what would the new message be.

The response rate issue was not the only issue that sellers encountered with measuring the response rate to messages: in a message to sellers in August, Etsy said, “Based on your feedback, we no longer count admin posts as part of your overall response rate. ”

At the time, it also announced a few more fixes, such as excluding return labels from the metric that accounted for calculating shipping times and seller tracking.

Yesterday, Etsy also said it made it easier for buyers to discover Star Sellers – “Star Sellers Badges are now visible in search results, in stores and on listings,” he said. stated, and noted that star sellers have an increased chance of appearing on Etsy, as its recent emails sent to buyers this month.

We would love to hear about your experience with the Etsy Star Seller program. Is it like the eBay Top Rated Seller program, as many suspected when it was first listed? Do you see an impact on traffic to your ads? Is the Etsy Star Seller program ready for prime time?


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