Great Yarmouth writer hailed by Sir David Attenborough


06:00 May 5, 2022

Sir David Attenborough has praised a Great Yarmouth writer for his efforts in tackling climate change and helping people lower their energy bills at the same time.

Low-Cost/No-Cost Advice for Cultural Heritage Sustainability is by Downtown resident Lorraine Finch.

While the book was in its early stages, the author received a personal letter from Sir David saying “Thank you for all you are doing to help in the fight against climate change”.

Lorraine Finch said receiving a letter from childhood hero Sir David Attenborough was an honour.
– Credit: Lorraine Finch

The book – which took six months to write – contains 102 pages of advice on how to help save the planet while making daily savings to combat the rising cost of living.

Tips for saving money on energy bills include using battery power on devices like cell phones, tablets, and laptops rather than leaving them plugged in all the time. Another is to get into the simple habit of turning off the lights when you leave a room for more than about five minutes.

Sir David Attenborough attends the Green Planet premiere at the Glasgow IMAX cinema in The Green

Lorraine Finch said she was “over the moon” when Sir David Attenborough wrote to her.
– Credit: PA

By following the advice in her book, the author said she was able to cut her monthly energy bills by £22.50 a month.

She said: “It’s something you have to get into, but it’s a habit that forms over time and the book has simple changes like these.

“Saving the planet saves us money.”

Lorraine Finch, author of While Low Cost / No Cost Tips for Sustainability in Cultural Heritage.

Lorraine Finch, author of While Low Cost / No Cost Tips for Sustainability in Cultural Heritage.
– Credit: Lorraine Finch

Having always had a keen interest in the environment, the author recounts having spent his childhood observing ants and birds in his garden. She was also inspired by the programs of Sir David Attenborough, David Bellamy and Gerald Durrell.

“They nurtured and watered this seed that became the environmentalist and conservationist that I am now,” she said.

The author also runs her conservation social enterprise, LFCP, and regularly showcases ways businesses can cut costs while doing their part against the climate crisis.

“I often hear, ‘I’m just a small cog in a big machine, how can I make a change?’ So I wrote the book to give people the opportunity to make a difference in their everyday lives and in their workplace.”

Low/No Cost Tips for Cultural Heritage Sustainability is available now from Amazon and will soon be available from other online booksellers.

The print edition costs £9.99 and the e-book versions cost £4.99.


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