GTA Online Rumor Warns of Final Update


GTA online and GTA 5 print money for Rockstar Games, but the next chapter of Grand Theft Auto arrived. GTA 6 is in development, and most rumors have it tied to 2023 or 2024. Of course, the move from GTA 5 for GTA 6 is easy for Rockstar Games, but the transition GTA online from what it is now to what it will be next GTA 6 is a more delicate task. At some point, Rockstar Games will just have to rip the band-aid off and move on, and according to a new rumor from Matheusvictorbr, GTA online receives its last meaty update this summer before GTA 6 marketing campaign begins later this year. word that GTA 6 will be revealed this year is not a new claim, as it has now been claimed by a few different reliable sources. However, many assumed GTA online would get a few more major updates until GTA 6 version, so this new tidbit about end of support long before it happened is new information.

The rumor itself is enough to divide fans. In a camp are Grand Theft Auto fans who have gone from GTA 5 and GTA online and waited impatiently GTA 6. For these fans, this rumor is good news. However, for the many gamers who still play GTA onlinethis rumor is obviously far from good news.

What also divides fans is the source. Matheusvictorbr has been off the mark in the past, but the Brazilian leaker has also been on the mark in the past, and therefore some within the Grand Theft Auto the community takes the leaker’s scoops at face value. However, recently a prominent Rockstar Games insider, Yan2295questioned Matheusvictorbr’s claims and suggested that they were not worth paying attention to.

For what it’s worth, we heard through the vine that GTA 6 is expected to be revealed this year, although there is some uncertainty over whether that deadline will be met. What we haven’t heard is GTA online support slowing down drastically once the GTA 6 marketing campaign begins. That’s not to say it’s not true, but it’s not something we’ve heard.

If Matheusvictorbr is to be believed, Rockstar Games is at least ready to send GTA online with a bang. According to the leaker, GTA online is getting a Liberty City map expansion this summer. It would make sense for this to be the last big GTA online update before GTA 6but just because it makes sense doesn’t mean it’s true.


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