Hawkeye gets double episode premiere by leaving Boba Fett’s book premiere alone


Hawk Eye gets a first double episode on November 14. Fans had wondered how Disney was going to handle this Hawk Eyethe final and Boba Fett’s bookThe premiere of was to take place on the same date. This is no longer a problem now. The final of Hawk Eye will take place one week before the premiere of Boba Fett’s book.

I think this is the smart movie because having Hawk Eyethe final and FettThe premiere on the same date is not ideal for marketing or exposure. This way Disney can properly celebrate the end of Hawk Eye. Marvel can give interviews all week, before focusing on Star wars. Fans have long wondered if something like this could happen since the premiere dates for both shows were announced. All the fans could see that there was a crossover coming. I really like I was convinced that there would be a double episode somewhere to Hawk Eye, but wasn’t sure if it was the beginning or the end. Now we know.

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I also like the idea of ​​having two episodes in the first week and I wish Disney had chosen this route to WandaVision above all. Of course, there are still plenty of viewers who will wait until the last day and then watch the whole show. Fans have gotten used to it with the streaming services and many will not be returning to the weekly format. Personally, I like both options. However, from a business perspective, I feel like each week creates a lot more buzz for a show.

At the same time, personally, I like watching a new show on the weekends, but it just doesn’t make that much money.

What do you think like Hawk Eye gets the double episode premiere? Is it wise to separate Hawk Eye and Boba Fett’s book, or not? Thoughts below as always.

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