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A global survey interviewed more than 8,200 people in nonprofit marketing roles. Get your free copy of the report to find out how your organization stacks up.

Did you know that 89% of nonprofit marketers changed their digital engagement strategy during the pandemic? This statistic has just been published in the 2021 State of Nonprofit Marketing Report –’s most comprehensive research on nonprofit marketers to date.

Based on a global survey of over 8,200 people in nonprofit marketing roles, in over 30 countries across 6 continents, the report provides excellent insight into the major changes that have taken place and how nonprofit marketers are making rapid adjustments to their strategy, metrics, and technology to meet the demands of the moment.

The F&P team is delighted to offer you a free copy of this insightful report, courtesy of You will discover information in areas such as:

  • How optimistic nonprofit marketers are about the future
  • What marketing tactics other nonprofits are currently using
  • What channels your peers plan to adopt in the future
  • What percentage of nonprofits are returning to in-person events in 2022.
  • Which channels your followers prefer among: email, in person, phone, SMS / SMS, mobile apps, online portals, online chats, messaging apps or video chat
  • And much more!

Download this free report today to find out how your nonprofit compares to the rest of the industry.

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