How to Buy Riot Control Gear (eBook)


No correctional facility wants to experience a major disruption, but all jails and jails should have a riot preparedness strategy in place within their walls.

Inmates in all institutions are at risk of perpetrating acts of violence and mass destruction for many reasons and in varying degrees of severity. Regardless of the type of riot or disturbance, whether it’s a small skirmish in a housing unit, a gang war in a yard or dining room, or an attempt takeover of an inmate facility, it is the responsibility of all correctional agencies to properly train and equip their CERT (Correctional Emergency Response Team personnel), as well as all staff, to ensure rapid and safe intervention in the event of a disturbance in an inmate’s home.

As recently as early 2022, correctional facilities across the country experienced riots, often resulting in the injury and death of inmates and prison staff. Corrections agencies continue to learn from incidents such as the 2021 riot at the Idaho State Correctional Facility, the 1980 New Mexico State Penitentiary riot and, more infamously , the 1971 Attica Prison Rebellion. As agencies continue to improve training in tactics for responding to riot conditions, they must also remain prepared with the purchase of necessary equipment.

This Corrections1 guide addresses issues to consider when purchasing riot control equipment for use in correctional facilities.

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