India launches ebook to raise concern for the planet: The Tribune India


Glasgow, November 5

India released a digital publication on Friday called “Climate Literacy: Beyond the Written Word” which includes contributions from 20 academic institutions that have defined effective methodologies to raise concern for the planet among their students.

These approaches also help raise awareness of how human activity has harmed the planet, in particular by increasing the carbon footprint and pollution, reducing green cover and mismanaging waste. All of the innovative methods described in this ebook are reproducible.

EARTHDAY.ORG firmly believes that the key to the future of the earth lies in climate and environmental education opportunities for young people of all ages and from all backgrounds to make them stewards of the environment. informed and engaged.

Given the grim findings presented by the 2021 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which prompted the UN Secretary-General to announce a “Red Code for Humanity,” EARTHDAY.ORG calls on all countries around the world to put in place education systems that lead young people to climate stewardship and environmental action.

This requires making climate education compulsory for all grade levels and providing an environment to strengthen climate literacy.

Such initiatives will also improve the skills needed for jobs in the growing green economy, including those related to the conservation of natural resources; reduce air, water and soil pollution; waste management ; and the switch to renewable energy sources.

In the ebook, readers will discover how students of urban spaces weave and hang nests in the city to encourage house sparrows to return to the overcrowded spaces they have abandoned.

The publication features an entry on the “Mr Cool” app which was developed by students from the tribal state of Chhattisgarh to help people measure their carbon footprint resulting from reckless energy use and educate on the means to reduce it.

Another piece focuses on a school in the hills of northeastern Assam where fees are paid in plastic waste that students pick up and drop off. From composting and nature discoveries, to using theater and films to engage stewardship, “Climate Literacy: Beyond the Written Word” highlights the range of climate education lessons and tactics.

The ebook is available in digital version.

Kathleen Rogers, President of EARTHDAY.ORG, said: “Climate education needs to be assessed and integrated into every classroom at all levels of education around the world. “We have no time to waste ensuring that the next generation becomes engaged and educated stewards of the environment. This new publication highlights climate education programs happening around the world that others can learn from. »IANS


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