iReader launches Ocean 2 reader and Smart 3 e-notes



As was supposed, iReader launched the Ocean 2 e-reader and Smart 3 e-note device at a launch event held tonight. Both devices come across as upgrades over their predecessors and offer updated specs and features.

Ocean 2 electronic reader

The Ocean 2 comes with a 7-inch Carta 1200 E-ink display with 300 ppi resolution. It supports 16 levels of grayscale which have been tuned to simulate 256 levels of gray. The company said the new Ocean 2 offers 20% better response times as well as 15% better contrast compared to its predecessor. There’s also the DC 28-level warm and cool light adjustment that allows for the perfect reading experience in all lighting conditions.

A 2 GHz dual-core processor powers the device which iReader claims enables 17% faster page turn speeds. Onboard storage options include 32GB and 64GB of high-speed LPDDR4 memory. Keeping the lights on is an 1800 mAh battery that provides 72 hours of playtime. To transfer content, the device supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. The eReader runs on the Android operating system.

The biggest change though is the design which is completely new in that there isn’t the chunky lower chin like on the previous model. Instead, there’s the chunky spine on the right that hosts two physical buttons for page up and page down functionality. That said, the button can also be customized to function as a global back and refresh button as well. The bevels on the other three sides are quite thin, measuring just 5.8mm, and make a stark contrast to the spine which, by comparison, is noticeably thicker.

The e-reader sports a soft tactile feel while the asymmetrical design – the spine is thicker than the rest of the body – allows for one-handed ease. The Ocean 2 is just 3.5mm thick and tips the scales at 170 grams.

As for the price, the Ocean 2 starts at 1299 yuan for the 32GB model while the 64GB version is priced at 1599 yuan. The eReader is available in Obsidian Black color option.

Smart 3 Electronic Note

The Smart 3 comes as an e-note device and is an upgrade on the Smart 2 that the company launched about a year ago. Chip 3 comes with a 10.3 inch E Ink screen having 227 ppi resolution and 16 level grayscale which is enhanced to simulate 256 level grayscale. Under the hood is a 2GHz quad-core processor paired with 64GB of LPDDR4X storage. The devices run the Android operating system.

Power comes from a 4000 mAh battery which, according to its makers, has a standby time of a month and a play time that stretches to several weeks. The Smart 3 also comes with a no-load electromagnetic pen having 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity as well as support for REINK shuffling engine version 3.0.

The design however remains basically the same, which features a thick left spine as well as thinner bezels on the remaining three sides. It measures 6.2 mm and weighs around 368 grams. The device supports content transfer to and from using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.

The Smart 3 starts at 2,299 yuan for the 64GB model, with the price also including the stylus.


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