Jane Austen’s real-life Sanditon mystery is explored by best-selling author Donna Fletcher Crow


WILMINGTON, NC, April 14, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Sanditon Season 2 is finally here. Much like the ending of Sandition’s hugely popular first season on PBS, Jane Austen’s unfinished novel of the same name leaves us with a nagging question – where is the “real” Sanditon? Best-selling author and researcher Donna Fletcher Crow attempted to answer that question during a recent tour of English seaside resorts, during which she visited every seaside resort on England’s south coast that Jane Austen would have visited. The findings, including an assortment of original images, were published on her blog in an article titled “Jane Austen’s Real Sandition, The Facts Behind The Fiction”. Fans of the Sanditon series will surely find his conclusions interesting and will find the tour fascinating.

Crow said in a recent interview, “The seaside provided Jane Austen with exquisite settings for character development and plot twists. Readers will immediately think of Persuasion with the fall of Louisa Musgrove from the Cobb to Lyme, the demoralizing return of Fanny Price to Portsmouth at Mansfield Park and, of course, the focus on thriving resort development in the unfinished Sanditon – which is now giving the creators of the popular TV series a breathtaking view of the sky, sand and sea for their smash hit.

“I have long wanted to visit the sites of these scenes which have given me so much pleasure in reading, and in the spring of 2019 I had the privilege of doing so. My research journey encompassed all the seaside resorts on the coast southern England that Jane was known – or supposed – to have visited. Unlike the scenes in her two major novels where she names well-known towns, Austen chose to place Sanditon in a fictional village, but the role of Tom Parker in as an enthusiastic developer follows the historical stories of many sea bathing spas.

“My questions quickly became, which one was Austen imagining in her mind, which of her own experiences was she reliving, which real-life people were she role models in this, her latest creative endeavor?

“I found many fascinating clues and pieces of evidence about the model of the ‘real’ Sanditon – which was undoubtedly a composite of the many places Austen knew of. I had great pleasure in sharing the results of my research with my readers in a series of articles.

Donna Fletcher Crow is the author of 50 books, mostly British history novels. She has won a number of top industry awards for her work. Many of his books have been bestsellers in their categories, including “A Most Inconvenient Death”, which reached #1 bestseller status in Christian Suspense. ‘The Fields of Bannockburn’, the epic from which The Celtic Cross Series, Part I: Scotland, The Struggle for a Nation is based, has been ranked among the best-selling fiction books by Christian Book Distributors and ‘The Banks of the Boyne’, the epic from which The Celtic Cross Series, Part II: Ireland, The Pursuit of Peace is based, reached number 3 for best-selling fiction.

‘Glastonbury’ is her best-known book, which received the prestigious First Place Award, Historical Novel, from the National Federation of Press Women. Readers and critics alike have praised ‘Glastonbury’, calling it ‘the best of its kind’, ‘richly fascinating’, ‘beautifully researched’, ‘gloriously evocative’ and ‘scenic’. One Amazon reader said, “WHAT a job! Every reader can be enveloped in scope and quality, every historian must constantly nod to precise detail and accuracy, and every Christian can rejoice in the fulness of Scripture. To me, this is simply beyond descriptive praise. I urge all who appreciate the truth to treat themselves to a feast.

The Celtic Cross is a 2 part series that begins with Scotland: The Struggle for a Nation. In 4 individual epochs, it tells the stories of – “The Guardian of the Stone”, Saint Columba; “The Forger of a Nation,” Kenneth MacAlpin; “The Refiner of the Kingdom”, Queen Margaret; “The Vanquishers of Tyranny”, William Wallace and Robert the Bruce. The 10-book series will end in the summer of 2022.

The Elizabeth & Richard Mysteries is a literary thriller series using literary figures as background: Rudyard Kipling in “The Flame Ignites”, Dorothy L Sayers in “The Shadow of Reality”, Shakespeare in “A Midsummer Eve’s Nightmare”, and Jane Austen in both “An Encounter with Jane Austen” and “A Most Singular Enterprise”. Don’t miss “A Prodigious Sum of Corpses: Seeking Sanditon at Jane Austen’s Seashore,” which will take readers to all of Austen’s favorite seaside resorts. Accounts of Crow’s visits to these sites are available on her blog under “Jane Austen Seashore Tour”.

The Monastery Murders series presents atmospheric contemporary crimes with their roots buried deep in the Middle Ages. Books in the series include “A Very Private Grave”, “A Darkly Hidden Truth”, “An Unholy Communion”, “A Newly Crimsoned Reliquary”, “An All-Consuming Fire”, and the new “Against All Fierce Hostility”. ‘

The Daughters of Courage, ‘Kathryn’, ‘Elizabeth’ and ‘Stephanie’ is a pioneer family saga based on the stories of Crow’s own family and other Idaho pioneers in the Kuna, Nampa and Boise region. A short story on her blog titled “A Nostalgic Fourth of July” is based on a scene from “Kathryn: Days of Loss and Hope.”

Where There is Love is a series of 6 books about the enduring legacy of love and faith, all based on historical figures and events. The titles are: “Where Love Begins”, “Where Love Shines”, “Where Love Triumphs”, “Where Love Restores”, “Where Love Shines” and “Where ‘love is calling’.

The true crime series Lord Danvers Victorian is an Amazon bestseller in the British Detectives category. Books in the series include “A Lethal Spectre”, “A Most Inconvenient Death”, “Grave Matters”, “To Dust You Shall Return”, and “A Tincture of Murder”. Donna offers a free download of “A Tincture of Murder” for those who sign up for her newsletter. More information is available on its website.

Donna Fletcher Crow’s awards include:

Where Love Begins, Best Historical Romance, Pinnacle Awards 2019
A Deadly Specter, Best Mystery, Pinnacle Awards, 2019
Glastonbury, First Place, Historical Fiction, National Federation of Women’s Press Awards of Merit
The Banks of the Boyne, Silver Angel; First place for historical fiction, National Federation Press Women
Bannockburn Fields, top spot for historical fiction, National Federation Press Women
Professional Excellence Award, Northwest Nazarene College
Children’s Book Merit Award, Idaho Press Women
Idaho’s Best Author
Pacesetter Award, Mt. Hermon Writers Conference
Outstanding Historical Fiction, Idaho Press Women, National Federation of Press Women,
Idaho Writer of the Year
America’s Best Inspirational Novel, Finalist Romance Writers
Writer of the Year, Mt. Hermon Writers Conference

Donna is available for media interviews and can be reached by email at [email protected]. All of his books are available from online booksellers. More information, including a free download of “A Tincture of Murder”, is available on his website at https://www.donnafletchercrow.com.

About Donna Fletcher Crow:

Donna and her husband live in Boise, Idaho. They have 4 adult children and 15 grandchildren living on 3 continents. Donna is a former professor of English Literature and a lifelong Anglophile. Idahoans with long memories will remember her as a former Snake River Stampede Queen, Miss Rodeo Idaho, and Miss Rodeo America runner-up. She is an avid gardener.

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