Kobo Libra 2 and Nia on sale for Mother’s Day



Kobo is having its annual Mother’s Day sale. The company offers substantial savings to customers residing in Canada, the United States and other countries. You can buy them directly from Kobo’s website or through a number of their retail partners. Right now, the latest generation Kobo Libra 2 is on sale, in addition to the Nia.

The Kobo Libra 2 is available in black and white, it is also one of the few readers on the market that is waterproof and has manual buttons to turn the pages. In Canada, the regular price is $219.99, but the sale price is $199. The entry-level Kobo Nia is similar to the Kindle Basic. It doesn’t have a high-res screen or the best specs, but it’s a great gift for mom for her first e-reader. Obviously, if your mom likes to read on her tablet, an e-reader makes perfect sense, whereas if she only reads printed books, that might be a harder habit to break. The Nia’s daily price is $129.99, but that’s on sale for $109.99. Chapters Indigo, is the largest bookstore in Canada and they are matching $20 off. However, they also offer great savings on the Kobo Elipsa bundle, which is a 10.3-inch e-note that can also read books and listen to audiobooks. Saving is $50 and you can buy the device, case and stylus for $449.99.

Kobo’s US website also offers discounts on Libra 2 and Nia. You can save $20 on both units, so the selling price of the The Libra 2 costs $159.99 and the Nia is $79.99. Walmart is their official US distribution partner, but the Libra 2 and Nia are not yet on sale. You can save money on the Elipsa pack though, the regular price is $399, but it’s now available for $349.99.

What item should you buy? If you’re buying a gift for mom, the Nia makes the most sense. It’s Kobo’s most affordable eReader, so mom would probably use it multiple times, unless she totally loves it. If you’re buying it for yourself or upgrading from an older model, I would recommend the Libra 2. It has great specs and great responsiveness. It scored high in our hands when reviewing.


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