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The Taneyhills Community Library is launching its 2022 Spring for a Book program. The program aims to purchase new releases and bestselling books to meet the reading needs of the community, according to a statement from the Taneyhills Community Library.

“We are aggressively seeking funding for new content, but finding adult fiction grants continues to be a challenge,” the library said in the statement. “Last year’s response to Spring for a Book has helped us expand the adult collection to a level we’ve never been able to reach. To keep new books coming in for our adult readers, we’re contacting again our members for Spring for a Book.

In recent years, the library has received grants and held fundraisers, such as the Spring for a Book program to improve lending areas and keep the collection current, according to the release.

“The grants have made significant improvements to the library and have enabled the purchase of large-print books and e-books,” the statement said. “We hope you have noticed the improvements.”

Several options are available for this unique fundraiser, including:

– Buy a book for $25

– Buy a stack for $100

– Buy a shelf for $250

Library staff said they would accept any amount and offer an “alternate” option if the Buy a Book, Buy a Stack or Buy a Shelf options are not suitable for donors.

“Are you an avid reader and supporter of Taneyhills Library? Did you enjoy picking up your favorite author’s latest reading from the library? Please consider making a donation,” the statement said. “Several contribution options are available. You choose what suits you best.

For more information, call the library at 417-334-1418.


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