Learn how to engage new SaaS customers with content marketing [eBook]


What problem does your software solve? Who has the problem and where are they looking for solutions?

You need to know your audience to put your SaaS brand in front of them in the right place at the right time.

When all of your interactions with a customer take place online, content marketing is an essential part of your marketing strategy and the key to acquiring and retaining new customers.

SaaS marketers in competitive markets need a SaaS-specific strategy to help you go further.

So what’s unique about content marketing for SaaS?

With such strong competition for users’ attention, how do you stand out?

Chandal Nolasco da Silva explains it to you in our new ebook, SaaS Content Marketing: A Complete Guide.

Getting to know your target audience, determining the best channels to engage them, refining your content processes, and constantly coming up with creative content ideas can help you stay ahead of the competition.

From brand awareness to engagement and lead generation to customer retention, you’ll find actionable tips and expert advice to help you put these concepts into practice.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • The unique challenges that SaaS companies face and how they provide opportunities to connect with your audience through optimized content.
  • How SaaS content marketers define their audience and where to engage them online.
  • What types of content resonate across different platforms and how people consume SaaS content in different ways across channels, devices and formats.
  • How to shape a SaaS marketing funnel and feed it with engaging, relevant content that meets user needs every step of the way.
  • Why topical content resonates so well with readers and how to use it to your maximum advantage.
  • How to structure and create a content program that consistently delivers top quality SaaS content to power all of your marketing campaigns.
  • Where to find additional resources for your measurement strategy to ensure that you maximize the value of the data produced by your program.

Chandal Nolasco da Silva, Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Mako Fintech, has been sharing her expertise and knowledge with Search Engine Journal audiences since 2014.

In this guide, she shares proven SaaS content marketing frameworks and strategies, along with real-world examples to help inspire your own program.

Special thanks to our sponsor MarketMuse for supporting the production of this comprehensive guide.


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