Make lasting and easy trades with these brands


From eco-friendly linens to durable, stylish clothes, these are the conscious brands on Club Rakuten you have to know!

If you’re always looking for new, sustainable brands to help you live the lifestyle of your dreams and take care of Mother Earth, you really need to register for Club Rakuten. Not only is membership free, but you can also explore many affordable, sustainable and ethical brands while pocketing awesome rewards!

We’re here to give you the inside scoop on three of the best sustainable brands about Rakuten and the inspiring stories behind them. You can buy eco-friendly household cleaning products from Smol, organic and ethical fashion from Ninety Percent, and comfortable and conscientious bed linen made by Bedfolk. All the simple, everyday trades that can seriously improve your sustainability game.

And don’t forget, you can redeem your points earned by consciously buying to watch the latest blockbuster on Rakuten TV or buy front row tickets for that gig you can’t stop thinking about!


A clean house is essential, but at what cost to the planet? Paula and Nick, the creators of Smol, were fed up with laundry products wrapped in tough plastic, all completely non-recyclable… but the only other option was green brands which cost twice as much and don’t work! So they created a Smol revolution in household cleaning, essentially the perfect opportunity for you to revamp your cleaning cabinet with eco-friendly products that work and don’t cost much.

Rakuten Sustainable Brands Club

With their refillable, returnable and recyclable compostable bottles or packs, you can save plastic, chemicals and carbon while keeping your clothes, dishes and home sparkling clean. And they’re Leaping Bunny certified, so none of your furry friends will get hurt in the process! The bonus? There is a subscription service so that your goodies arrive in the mail, in a small recycled and recyclable box, the perfect size to slip into your mailbox. As if by magic ! And they’ll only send you what you need, so you can reduce your waste to a planet-friendly minimum.

Ninety percent

We can’t stop raving about fashion label Ninety Percent! Not only does he sell gorgeous clothes, we’re talking about super soft organic cotton sweatshirts and beautifully designed organic merino knits, but he also puts the planet and people before his profit. With a whopping 90% of his income going to his factory workers and charitable causes.

And you can be part of the process too, with an amazing system that allows buyers to vote for where they want their money to go. From underprivileged children in the slums of Bangladesh to those caught up in conflict, there are many amazing causes you can support. In addition, their collection is only made from the most ethical materials with the lowest environmental impacts. From beautiful bodysuits to pants; skirts and sweatshirts, you can treat yourself to one of the most guilt-free transports!


There’s nothing quite like snuggling into soft, clean sheets after a long day. But you know what would make it even more special? If these sheets were both durable and affordable! Luckily Nick and Jo the founders of Bedfolk created just that for you. The couple spent a spectacular 12 months researching the finest materials and meeting the most skilled artisans from across Europe with dream results… 100% super soft cotton, 100% linen, ethically crafted bedding woven from expertly, all free of harmful chemicals. So replace your old sheets with ridiculously soft bedding items and create the ultimate cozy sanctuary. You will never want to leave your bed again!

The icing on the cake? With every purchase from any of these brands, you’ll earn double Rakuten Points and a free ebook of The Uninhabitable Earth by David Wallace-Wells of Rakuten Kobo.

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