Mysticism in modern times – New study examines 21st century attitudes towards the paranormal


MONTREAL, 23 October 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – The usual Halloween celebrations may be out of place in the COVID era, but belief in the paranormal hasn’t waned at all. A study by researchers from indicates that people are still very captivated by the supernatural, and seductive haunted by the idea of ​​magic, the forces of fate and doom, and life on other planets.

Analysis of the data of 2,172 people who took the Paranormal belief test, PsychTests researchers assessed people’s attitudes toward aliens, the concept of fate, and psychic experiences. Here’s what the data revealed:

(Note: The percentages given below are based on people who strongly believe in particular phenomena:

> 38% of women and 23% of men are suspicious of black magic.
> 27% of women and 14% of men believe that using voodoo dolls can cause bodily harm.
> 24% of women and 15% of men think love or luck spells can work.
> 47% of women and 35% of men believe that some people are born with special powers.
> 32% of women and 15% of men give credit to palm readings.
> 39% of women and 32% of men think it is possible to read minds.
> 42% of women and 34% of men think telepathy is possible.
> 23% of women and 21% of men believe in the power of telekinesis.
> 21% of women and 15% of men believe that the ability to levitate is possible.
> 57% of women and 42% of men believe that some people can predict the future through prophecies or premonitions.

> 59% of women and 44% of men believe in soul mates.
> 71% of women and 51% of men think that if two people are meant to be together, they will be.
> 77% of women and 50% of men think that certain people are supposed to cross paths.
> 42% of women and 18% of men read their horoscope.
> An almost equal number of women and men (27% and 28% respectively) think there is no coincidence.

> 68% of women and 72% of men think there is life on other planets.
> 45% of women and 44% of men believe that extraterrestrials have already visited Earth or will do so in the future.
> 48% of women and 44% of men agree with the conspiracy theory that the government is hiding evidence of the existence of extraterrestrials.
> 24% of women and 20% of men believe that crop circles were created by aliens.
> 19% of women and 20% of men believe that aliens have abducted humans.

“The idea that there is more to the world than we know or can see is incredibly appealing. That is why to this day we are still captivated by the prospect of otherworldly creatures in galaxies. distant, untapped mental powers and a universal consciousness ”, explains Dr Jerabek, president of PsychTests. “We are naturally curious… and very determined to see if there are other beings who are just as curious about us. The fact that millions of dollars are spent to discover life on other planets is not a matter of laughter, and a testament to our indelible attraction to the unknown and our desire to know the unknown. And I think that’s just the beginning. We open our minds to possibilities that we once ruled out , and let us lift the veil which separates the real and the mysterious. “

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