NBA DFS Picks for FanDuel and DraftKings – Friday, 3/25/22


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Spike Guard / Shooting Guard

Luka DoncicLuka Doncic FD – $10,400 DK – $12,100
Opponent – MIN
Proj Pts FD – 55.81 DK – 61.28

Luka had a game last time but will be back for this one and he could be ready to put up a monster line. Minnesota is playing the fastest pace in the league this season and has been more than willing to get out there and run. That should leave a lot of volume for Doncic here, which is great news considering the dude can really stack it. For the season, he averaged 28 points, nine rebounds and 8.6 assists, the first two representing career highs. It’s a great place and Dallas is still fighting for the Western Conference standings. Beating the Timberwolves here would go a long way to avoiding play-in play on that front. Luka’s price is too low on FanDuel in particular.

Donovan MitchellDonovan Mitchell FD – $8,500 DK – $9,000
Opponent – CHA
Proj Pts FD – 44.26 DK – 48.03

The Jazz have the second-highest implied total on this list and the game against the Hornets shouldn’t be a blowout. That’s good news for Mitchell coming in at value at both sites. Charlotte is playing the third-fastest pace in the NBA this season with 23rd-ranked defensive efficiency, with this game lined up very well from a DFS perspective. Mitchell has had 36 or more points in three of his last four games, and over the past month he’s averaged 27 points and six assists. The Jazz are still battling for seed here and Mitchell’s minutes should be in the 35-37 range as long as the game remains close.

Kris DunnKris Dunn FD – $1,000 DK – $4,500
Opponent – HOO
Proj Pts FD – 30.31 DK – 29.33

brandon williamsbrandon williams FD – $6,500 DK – $6,700
Opponent – HOO
Project Pts FD – 34.98 DNK – 37.1

The Blazers are all in the tank. We know this for sure and they will now operate on “lose every game” mode. This can be a tricky proposition in day-to-day fantasy, as we have to weigh how long certain players are going to stay on the pitch in any given game. For tank teams, that might not be much. But I think Williams and Dunn are on the “safer” side here given that Justise Winslow has already been ruled out and guard positions are all deep on this team to begin with. Dunn’s cheap enough as a starter that I don’t think he totally kills you. And Williams is expected to rejoin the starting lineup after playing more than 20 scoring games in five of his last ten. The Rockets game which is the other giveaway here and this game has the highest point total on the slate.

small forward

James HardenJames Harden FD – $10,000 DK – $10,000
Opponent – LAKE
Project Pts FD – 46.97 DK – 51.42

FanDuel keeps listing him as a small forward for some reason so we can put him here in the write-up. I think it works by the rules. Harden will be hard to squeeze into lineups with Luka, and I would definitely prioritize the latter, but I might as well be convinced to direct The Beard. He’s not as prolific in the fantasy department as when he first came to Philadelphia, but the price has also come down. He’s still a triple-double threat, has come close a few times recently and there’s a world where everything falls into place and he’s piling on a major game. We know the Clippers are calling it back with their starters, which now means it’s a softer landing zone for Harden.

Kevin Porter Jr.Kevin Porter Jr. FD – $5,900 DK – $6,000
Opponent – ORP
Project Pts FD – 32.83 DK – 36.59

While I don’t enjoy watching the Rockets play, there’s still value to be had on this team in the right game. The Blazers are now one of the few teams in the NBA worse than Houston, which gives us a good landing spot for some DFS value in the game. Porter’s usage rate in this offense is still pretty good all told and the Rockets will run it in the middle of 30 minutes if plays stay on the closer side. He’s averaged more than 15 points per game over the past month, with just about 14 attempts from the field. And he will also add rebounds and assists. With a relatively healthy squad, I don’t think there are huge upsides, but the floor is there at these prices.

I think you can consider Andre Wiggins (FD 6400 DK 7200) here on FanDuel with Stephen Curry.

If Julius Randle is still absent then RJ Barrett (FD 7800 DK 8400) looks like a good game even though it’s against Miami.

Power forward/center

Rudy GobertRudy Gobert FD – $7,600 DK – $7,600
Opponent – CHA
Proj Pts FD – 43.29 DNK – 44.9

Rudy Gobert has had a few tough games in a row now, so I wouldn’t blame you for being a little worried about running him in cash here. But the game is such that he should be able to play major minutes as long as things are tight and the pace of the game should really favor his ability to rack up points and rebounds. Prior to this latest three-game slide, the dude had doubled in 11 straight games and was averaging 14 points and 13 rebounds per game over the past month. He also added more than two interceptions + blocks and recent play has brought the price down. The dude is fantastic value now and I think he makes it easier to play on DraftKings in particular.

Joel EmbidJoel Embid FD – $11,200 DK – $11,200
Opponent – LAKE
Project Pts FD – 56.89 DK – 59.74

I would definitely prioritize Embiid over Harden, especially on DraftKings, although I still rank Doncic as the go-to guy on both sites. But Embiid is also well placed and could rack up some points against this Clippers team. He still remains a force, with 30 points and 12 rebounds per game over the past month. He’s taking a few fewer shots now that Harden is around, but that hasn’t resulted in a major drop in production. The guy is still among the best fantasy performers. Again, the price is going up there, but the nature of those slates will probably have a cheaper value at the punt, so I don’t think the salary adjustment will be that heavy.

Trendon WatfordTrendon Watford FD – $6,000 DK – $6,800
Opponent – HOO
Proj Pts FD – 30.63 DK – 31.59

It’s priced a bit too high on DraftKings, but I like it as a FanDuel game sitting at $6,000. Even though the Blazers are in the tank, he still has minutes and the fantastic production has been solid. Watford have averaged 15 points and 6.5 rebounds per game over the past month and have played around 30 minutes consistently almost regardless of the game scenario. Which means that even when Portland got waxed, the race for this guy has been there. Things might change some if they tank even harder, but I think it’s a good FD game.

Consider Drew Eubanks (FD 6100 DK 6300) with the same principle.




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