NBA DFS Picks for FanDuel and DraftKings – Friday 4/8/22


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Spike Guard / Shooting Guard

Luka DoncicLuka Doncic FD – $11,400 DK – $12,200
Opponent – ORP
Proj Pts FD – 58.78 DK – 64.51

The Mavericks can clinch a first-round playoff with a home win on Friday, which means I think we’re seeing at least some good minutes out of Luka to start here. With a lot of uncertainty in this roster due to different teams’ motivations, I think there’s at least moderate safety in this game. Dallas is a massive favorite over a modest, tanky Portland team, but Luka at least has solid ground if the Mavs are motivated to put a buffer on this one early. Luka has scored over 30 points in five of his last six games with double-digit assists in each of his last four.

LaMelo ballLaMelo Ball FD – $8,800 DK – $9,100
Opponent – CHI
Proj Pts FD – 49.9 DNK – 54.36

Although they’re likely the 10th seed in the Eastern Conference, that’s not a certainty yet and the Hornets have the motivation to keep trying really hard until at least Friday’s games. Although Thursday’s game against the Magic turned into a blowout, we saw the willingness to play LaMelo plenty of minutes and that should be the case again here against Chicago. In closer matchups, Ball is expected to push 36-37 minutes which, along with his fantastic profile, is more than enough to justify those prices. In fact, they look like total bargains all told. Over the past six games, he’s averaged 22 points, 11 assists, five rebounds and 2.5 blocks. The FanDuel price is essentially a lock on that slate.

Zavier SimpsonZavier Simpson FD – $4,700 DK – $3,900
Opponent – ALL
Proj Pts FD – 37.26 DNK – 39.54

Hilariously, this slate is probably going to boil down to moderately stacking this whole game, which has a long list of scrubs. But the same goes for the end of the NBA season when the tankers go tanking and some teams want to see what they have with the youngsters. Simpson exited the league to play 40 minutes per game, which he basically did in the last two. During that time, he had seven points, eight assists, three rebounds and three blocks+steals. The potential minutes are what still make him a game at these prices against a terrible Lakers team.

Monk MalikMonk Malik FD – $5,400 DK – $5,600
Opponent – OKAY
Project points FD – 33.86 DK – 36.6

The Lakers are sitting on Lebron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook to close out the season and give the minutes to almost anyone who looks like someone young. They are consecutive here and Thursday and last game, Monk played 37 minutes and took the second most shots on the team with 17. He finished with 24 points, seven rebounds, four assists and some defensive stats like Good. Price hasn’t caught up with how the Lakers are (presumably) going to use him now and what it means to play without the big three on this team. The Lakers are in a terrific position in what could be an up and down game.

small forward

Kevin DurantKevin Durant FD – $11,700 DK – $11,600
Opponent – KEY
Proj Pts FD – 53.14 DK – 56.87

The Nets still control their way to the seventh seed in the East and a chance to play a home game to qualify for the playoffs. It is, of course, a tempting proposition compared to the alternative and they were bound to play Durant and Kyrie Irving’s major minutes in the quest. This game is as important as any of them because beating Cleveland would win them the season series and essentially leapfrog the Cavs in the standings. Durant has had to play more than 40 minutes in four of the last six games and in that streak he’s averaged 33 points, nine rebounds, seven assists and more than two defensive stats. It’s an MVP-like rip and the Nets needed it all. This will be the case again on Friday.

Talen Horton TuckerTalen Horton Tucker FD – $4,000 DK – $3,800
Opponent – OKAY
Proj Pts FD – 32.35 DK – 33.68

Talen Horton-Tucker delivered a monster Thursday night against the Warriors when he essentially had free rein on offense with Lebron, AD and Russ all out. THT finished with a team best 28 shots and ended up losing 40 points to Golden State. Some might wonder where the whole season was for the young man the Lakers decided to retain, but I guess that’s not the question. He should be online again for this and the price has barely budged from game to game. I suspect it’s chalk again and probably the most owned game on the entire list.

Power forward/center

Jaylen TreasureJaylen Treasure FD – $6,000 DK – $5,600
Opponent – ALL
Proj Pts FD – 35.52 DK – 38.07

Hoard is another among the group of Thunder and Lakers game that deserves great attention in gambling. He’s one of the OKC guys who came out of nowhere to start playing major minutes. And it was excellent in the short term, which necessitated a price increase on both sites. Over the last four games Hoard has had some crazy lines and over the last four games he has averaged 16 points, 12.5 rebounds and 2.5 assists. It’s hard to trust this team at this point, but I think we can (hopefully) count on him to play in the 40s again in this game against the Lakers.

Isaiah RobyIsaiah Roby FD – $6,500 DK – $6,800
Opponent – ALL
Proj Pts FD – 39.28 DK – 40.89

It’s just hilarious that we’re piling up these two losing teams, but things sure get weird at the end of the NBA season. And we’re forced to try and figure out exactly what the hell teams want to do from game to game. The Thunder have (for the most part) signaled their intentions in the stretch here with Roby playing in the middle of the 30 minutes as long as he stays clear of fouls. Over the past six games, he’s averaged 18 points, eight rebounds and nearly three defensive stats in 33 minutes. Now he will have a terrible Lakers team to boot. So things are lining up for him, even though the price has definitely spiked in the short term.

Dwight HowardDwight Howard FD – $4,300 DK – $4,600
Opponent – OKAY
Proj Pts FD – 28.53 DK – 28.56

Who knows if the Lakers are going the same way Friday night, but Thursday Dwight started, played 25 minutes and from a fantasy standpoint was more than effective. He finished with a double-double, scoring 16 points and adding 14 rebounds before it was all said and done. At these prices, he’s a great play considering he can rack up fantasy points over shorter periods of time as long as he doesn’t share the field with Lakers superstars, which he won’t. Keep an eye on the plan for the Lakers in this game.

Also consider Stanley Johnson (FD 3500 DK 3700) who played a lot of minutes for LA on Thursday, but also stinks.




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