NBA DFS Picks for FanDuel and DraftKings – Saturday 1/29/22


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peak guard

Stephen CurryStephen Curry FD – $9,500 DK – $10,500
Opponent – BKN
Proj Pts FD – 47.53 DK – 52.17

Stephen Curry went through a protracted shooting slump that saw him only hit 31% of his threes during the month of January. For the greatest shooter of all time, it’s positively pedestrian. So it was a welcome sign to see him turn things around in the final game, toppling 6-10 from beyond the arc on Thursday against the Timberwolves. Now he’ll face a Nets team that’s not exactly amazing around the perimeter with their defense. The price on Curry, especially on FanDuel, has dropped enough to put him there in gambling. With some potential savings from injury situations at other teams, I think we’ll be able to fit several superstars into the lineups on Saturday.

Tyrese MaxeyTyrese Maxey FD – $6,000 DK – $6,600
Opponent – BAG
Project points FD – 32.41 DNK – 34.6

Seth Curry could return for this game which would lower the projection, but Maxed has been so good over the past month and is currently running important minutes for the 76ers. He has played 35 or more games in each of the last five games, going over 39 in three of them. During the month of January, Maxey is averaging over 15 points per game, with five assists, four rebounds and a bit on the defensive side as well. The price is simply too low for how much he is playing at the moment, even though the attack comes through Joel Embiid.

shooting guard

James HardenJames Harden FD – $10,200 DK – $11,200
Opponent – GS
Proj Pts FD – 52.69 DK – 58.07

The Nets are on the road here against the Warriors who will bring Kyrie Irving back into the mix. While this takes away some of Harden’s use, it also eases the burden on him from a fatigue perspective and also makes the team more competitive. Harden is more than capable of making big numbers even with Irving. In their last four away games, Harden has averaged 23 points, 11 rebounds and 7.5 assists. It’s just about getting the job done at those prices. The DraftKings prize is a bit more difficult, but I think we can launch it on FanDuel without too much hesitation.

Devonte'GrahamDevonte’Graham FD – $5,500 DK – $5,200
Opponent – BOS
Proj Pts FD – 27.4 DNK – 30.53

With Brandon Ingram still out, I think Graham has some value here. He sees an increase in usage when the offense continues and he has played 33 minutes or more in three of the last four games. He averaged 18 points and four assists during that streak, getting about 14 shots per game. That’s a lot of opportunity at these prices, even if the game against the Celtics isn’t 100% ideal. It’s definitely a better deal on DraftKings and the savings you get can help fill some lineups.

small forward

Andre WigginsAndre Wiggins FD – $6,000 DK – $6,000
Opponent – BKN
Proj Pts FD – 33.15 DK – 35.33

Starting All-Star Andrew Wiggins? Starting All-Star Andrew Wiggins! In one of the most unlikely voting mechanics for this honor, the Warriors small forward is going to be among the superstars of this game in a few weeks. Does he deserve it? Not really. But who cares. Odd voting aside, I think it’s a good game here Saturday against a Nets team that’s struggling part of the defensive side of the ball without Kevin Durant. They’re playing at a faster pace with Harden and Irving and the Warriors, in general, are in a good place. Wiggins has a pretty high floor, especially with Klay Thompson still on the minutes limit.

Gary Trent Jr.Gary Trent Jr. FD – $6,000 DK – $5,400
Opponent – MIA
Proj Pts FD – 31.27 DNK – 32.79

This game depends more on whether or not Fred VanVleet is in the lineup. If the latter is back, I’m probably not as interested in playing Trent in this game. But if FVV is available again, I think we’ll cast Trent there without too much hesitation. In the last two games in this situation, Trent has played 35 and 37 minutes respectively with 21 and 22 shots in those games. He put up 32 points in both and scoring is really what he needs to hit value. With very little guard play on this team, if FVV are out again, then Trent becomes a fantastic cash game option.

Power forward/center

Joel EmbidJoel Embid FD – $11,400 DK – $11,700
Opponent – BAG
Project Pts FD – 59.89 DK – 62.6

It’s going to be difficult to make Embiid disappear here. For starters, he’s posting MVP-like numbers this season and has been on the warpath lately. In January, The Process averaged 34 points, 11 rebounds, five assists and two blocks + steals per game. These stats are simply mind-boggling and are the reason its price is now pushing $12,000 on both sites. And to go along with that he has to face the Kings who rank second to last in the league in defense and run the 7th fastest pace. This is one of the dream matches and Embiid is a clear game.

Kristaps PorzingisKristaps Porzingis FD – $8,200 DK – $7,400
Opponent – INDIANA
Project Pts FD – 39.48 DK – 40.75

Kristaps’ minutes have been reduced over the past three games because the Mavericks have just crushed other teams. And that could very well be the case once again here on Saturday with the team entering -10 favorites at home against the Pacers. But if Porzingis can hit 32-33 minutes in this one, he’s still a bargain on DraftKings in the $7,000 range. He can push to 20 points and eight rebounds with a few other stats added if the run is there. It is only this last part that is in question.

After Embiid, there are some injury situations that we need to keep an eye on. First and foremost is Jonas Valanciunas who sat down on Friday with an illness. If he can’t leave then Willy Hernangomez (FD 5100 DK 5100) would basically be a lock on both sites. He tied the game on Friday and went for 18 points and 16 rebounds against the Nuggets.




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