New Battlefield 2042 microtransaction blueprints leaked online


Plans for Battlefield 2042Microtransactions of may have been discovered by data miners. Battlefield 2042 has been an incredibly controversial title since its release. Just weeks before release, the game suffered a month-long delay which was then followed by a messy beta, which gave some fans pause. Some hoped the beta was an outdated version and didn’t reflect what the final game would be like. Unfortunately, the final game was just as bad, if not worse in some areas. Battlefield 2042 was panned by critics and fans alike, resulting in one of the most chaotic launches in DICE history, which is saying a lot. The game has received a number of patches over the past 5 months, improving various things, but it’s still very rough around the edges. Unfortunately, this is likely to get worse.

data miner and Twitter user TemporyaI have found various things that suggest Battlefield 2042 could get microtransactions. These files were found in the latest patch of the game and mention bundles, cosmetic items, XP boosts, etc. While these might just be menus for items already in the game, there is one more definitive find. The data miner also found new in-game currencies and different bundles, suggesting that players will soon be able to purchase in-game currency. Of course, this might be a scrapped idea and was just leftovers in the game files, but EA has been known to put microtransactions in many of its games. In 2021, a Santa Claus skin leaked for Battlefield 2042 caused a lot of controversy as many believed that DICE was focused on releasing cosmetic items instead of fixing the game. It was later clarified that the skin was made months in advance and would not be released to the public .

With Battlefield 2042 coming to Xbox Game Pass soon, it wouldn’t be surprising if the publisher pushed microtransactions on people who didn’t purchase a copy of the game. At this time, nothing has been confirmed, but if the game is coming soon on Game Pass, it may not be long before we know more. At present, DICE is still fighting an uphill battle with Battlefield 2042so this may upset some fans.

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