NFC South notebook: Panthers would hire McAdoo and Arians helmet slap drama


Let’s take a look around the NFC South and find out the latest news and ratings from SB Nation for each team, starting with our Carolina Panthers.

Carolina Panthers

Carolina would hire former New York Giants head coach Ben McAdoo as the new offensive coordinator.

The Panthers welcomed former Washington coach Jay Gruden for his second interview with the team this week for the vacant offensive coordinator position. It comes after Pep Hamilton turned down an interview with the Panthers. All of the following candidates were interviewed for the position: Gruden, Ben McAdoo, Klint Kubiak, Mike Groh and Scottie Montgomery.

Meanwhile, Panthers fans got their first taste of draft possibilities this week when Mel Kiper posted his fake 1.0 draft, sending Mississippi State tackle Charles Cross to the Panthers as the sixth pick.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

buccaneers passed the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday during the Super Wild Card weekend. The Bucs defense shut out the Eagles until the fourth quarter en route to a 31-15 win. However, the talk of the town is the famous “helmet shot“, which the NFL decided to cross the line. Arians will now appeal the league’s $50,000 fine.

After the action, Arians told the media earlier this week that he didn’t regret it and was “trying to knock it off this guy so he doesn’t get a penalty”.

Over 1,500 Bucs Nation members voted on a poll asking whether or not the Arians had gone too far, and 35% of readers chose “If Andrew Adams doesn’t care, neither do I”, while 52% chose “No” and “Not at all”, combined.

And just to get you all nice and ready for the Buccaneers Rams divisional round game, Bucs Nation made sure to write a good overview of the game. Bucs Nation also offered the question: Should Aaron Donald be allowed to play this week after some of his past antics? Your turn to judge !

Atlanta Falcons

In the land of the falcons, Fans and readers of Falcool weighed in on a possible trade with Calvin Ridley and it is clear that they think he will leave Atlanta shortly. Interestingly, ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler asked the league about Atlanta’s wide receiver and it looks like some league general managers would be willing part ways with a first-round pick.

One has to wonder what exactly happened behind closed doors that made Ridley and the team want to cut the bait on the relationship after just two years. How did we really get here? It seems quite unusual. In these situations, there is usually a little more to know than just a desire for a “fresh start”. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

The majority of fans in this Falcoolique poll also gave head coach Arthur Smith a “B” grade.

Meanwhile, the hawks sign tight end Daniel Helm to a forward contract and Mel Kiper sent the Falcons an absolute cornerback in his fictional draft 1.0.

New Orleans Saints

The Bayou has been a little quiet for the past few weeks. Over at our friends at Canal Street Chronicles, the blog focused on which free agents the team should stay with and which they should part ways with.

Specifically, CSC believes maybe it’s time to cut the bait with left tackle Terron Armstead, wide receiver Tre’Quan Smith, running back Ty Montgomery. Armstead is a pretty big name on this list and I’m sure there are a few fans out there who might not want to hear it. But read it and listen to them.

And how about some of the internal priorities for saints? Another write-up thinks that list will include safety Marcus Williams, quarterback Jameis Winston and none other than Terron Armstead. So now I say read both pieces and decide for yourself. Should Armstead stay or go?

And what the hell happened with franchise wide receiver Michael Thomas this year? CSC dives into Thomas and argues that the saints must understand this situation. And don’t forget Deonte Harty (formerly Deonte Harris), which CSC sees a great future for.

Finally, the folks at Pro Football Focus recently sent Cincinnati quarterback Desmond Ritter to the Saints in their latest mock draft.


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