Official Launch of Barnes and Noble Audiobooks



Barnes and Noble has been testing audiobook integration for the past two months. They shut down the dedicated Nook Audiobooks app for Android and iOS, in addition to the old website. The bookseller tried to list the audiobooks on its main website, which has a dedicated landing page. Customers will also see a new audiobook category when searching for books. Previously, only print books and e-books were available, but now audiobooks are also listed on each book page. The Nook app for Android and iOS also gained an audiobook player, so users can listen to content they purchase from the website, but they can no longer purchase audio content in the app.

Barnes and Noble worked on this audiobook project with existing audiobook customers, and they had their say on what should be changed and what new features should be introduced. The bookseller has just announced the official deployment of B&N Audiobooks for the general public. Probably the most compelling aspect is their new audiobook subscription service. You can pay $14.99 per month and get audiobook credit. This credit can be redeemed for any of their 200,000 audiobooks from major publishers. Audiobooks can be listened to on the Nook app for Android, iOS, or the web player. They currently offer a 30-day free trial, for which you get a free audiobook.

“The new audiobook service complements Barnes & Noble’s comprehensive offering to readers. This follows the successful launch of our NOOK GlowLight 4 over the past holiday as the company invests in its digital platforms,” said Barnes & Noble CEO James Daunt. “In the meantime, we are transforming our stores and have a strong pipeline of new store openings. It’s an exciting time to be a bookseller.

Book lovers can listen anytime, anywhere with the B&N NOOK app and on, as B&N Audiobook’s listening progress, bookmarks and notes automatically sync across all platforms. forms and all devices connected to the same account and connected to the Internet. . Users will also have the ability to pre-order audiobooks and send pay-per-view titles as e-gifts. The sale of digital audiobooks is available to customers across the United States.


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