Online Google Coloring Book digs deeper into material hues


Along with the physical comic that appears to have confirmed the “Pixel 6a” name, Google also created an online version to celebrate “the inspiration, beauty, and application of material colors developed” and used for its products.

At you will find 10 detailed illustrations of various Google products that you can color very easily, including Pixel 6, Nest Cam, Pixel Buds A-series, Nest Hub/Max, Nest Audio, Nest Thermostat, Nest Wifi and Chromecast with Google TV.

This digital experience is the result of a collaboration between a group of designers and manufacturers within Google’s Hardware Design Studio. It’s a companion to a physical coloring book celebrating the inspiration, beauty, and application of hardware colors developed by the CMF, Color, Material, & Finish team.

You can use any of 14 shades to fill in the designs, with Google Hardware providing a fascinating explanation and description of each color. Some shades, like Just Black and Clearly White, are familiar to Pixel and Nest product owners.

  1. just black: Minimal, deep, stealthy and dark neutral. Inspired by the color of licorice. Just Black is our Dark Neutral Black which is shared across the Pixel & Wearables portfolio.
  2. Clearly white: Clean, crisp, bright and slightly neutral. Inspired by soft and warm cotton. Clearly White is our Light Neutral that is shared across the Google product portfolio.
  3. lemon pop: Vibrant, uplifting, bringing optimism and positivity. A brilliant and expressive neon Lemon color. Lemon Pop is used as a signature pop color in the Pixel & Wearables portfolio.
  4. Pale yellow: Warm, sunny, unctuous and accessible. Pale Yellow is inspired by the color of the rising sun. Pale yellow is a shared color across the Pixel & Wearables product lines.
  5. Linen: Light, natural, comfortable, offering harmony and balance. Inspired by the natural color of linen. Linen is a color you can see on Nest products.
  6. hot stone: Earthy, soft and rich color offering a dark and warm neutral. Warm Stone is inspired by the earth colors that can be seen on ceramics. Warm Stone is a color from the Nest range.
  7. Sunrise: Bright, bold and cheerful color, offering hope and happiness. The warm color inspired the sun. Sunrise is visible in the Nest Wallet.
  8. Shell: Your playful pink, inspired by the setting sun. Inspired by the pink tones of ocean shells. This warm and playful color can be found in the Nest range.
  9. coral: Strong, dynamic color offering a bold perspective. This bright and bold color is an expressive signature that has been used in our Hero products for Pixel and Nest.
  10. dark olive: Dull, deep color inspired by nature. This color is inspired by the deep greens of nature. This color is used throughout the Wearables portfolio.
  11. kind of sage: Airy, tranquil and cool color creating peace of mind. Inspired by the growing green seen in nature. This Sage color is shared across the entire Google Wallet.
  12. barely blue: Cold, conscious and cheerful color offering calm. This soft blue is inspired by the cool tones of water. Barely Blue is a color found in the Nest product line.
  13. Sky: Serene color, clean, smooth, communicating opening. This airy color offers an expressive neutral. Sky is visible in the Nest Wallet.
  14. Pop coral: Energetic highlight, acting as a strong and bold color pop. This bright color offers an iconic pop for Google. Coral Pop can be seen in the Pixel & Nest wallet.

What’s more remarkable are the shades we haven’t seen yet. For example, the “Wearables portfolio/product lines” would have used Lemon Pop and Pale Yellow. Today, Pixel Buds are Google’s only wearable devices. We’ve seen Dark Olive for the A-series, but those two shades of yellow could appear in future products, like the Pixel Watch, either as a body or in bands.

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