Onyx BOOX Nova Air C is a 7.8-inch color e-reader coming soon



Onyx Boox just submitted FCC Documents for a new color e-reader coming out in a month or two. The hardware is exactly the same as the Nova Air released last year, the only new thing is that it likely uses an E INK Kaleido Plus color filter array, or could possibly use 3rd Gen technology. This new device will give users the ability to freehand draw, edit PDFs, or read manga, comics, magazines, or other color content.

The Onyx Boox Nova Air C features a 7.8-inch E INK Carta HD and E INK Kaleido color e-paper display. The resolution on the black and white panel is 1404×1872 with 300 PPI. The Color panel is unknown, as I don’t know which Kaleido screen it uses. If it uses the Plus screen, it will have a resolution of 624×468 with 100 PPI and display over 5,000 different colors. There’s an illuminated display panel on the front, but it’s unclear if there are amber LED lights for a color temperature system.

Since it is both an e-reader and an e-note, it comes with a free stylus. It’s the same one that comes with the Nova Air, and it’s white and has a hex grip with 4096 degrees of pressure sensitivity. The tips protrude a bit more than their typical black stylus that comes with all of their other products. I have found this new stylus helps with drawing, providing pinpoint accuracy. The right side of the Nova Air is magnetic, so the stylus attaches automatically.

Under the hood is a Snapdragon 636 Octa Core processor, 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. You can connect to the internet using WIFI and it supports wireless headphones or an external speaker for audiobooks, music, podcasts and more, thanks to Bluetooth 5.0. If you don’t feel like using headphones, there are two stereo speakers, which sound amazing. There’s a USB-C port, useful for charging the eReader on your PC or MAC, or even on a wall charger. It is powered by a 2000mAh battery, which should be enough for a few weeks of regular use.

On the FCC website is the complete user manual, which provides a number of color displays. You will get 4 different speed modes, screen sharing, screen recording and it comes with Android 11 and Google Play. It should sell for between $350 and $400.

Let’s say the Nova Air Color uses E INK Kaleido Plus, how is it different from the Nova 3 Color. They have a lot in common, the same screen size, the same processor, the same RAM and the same storage. The Nova Air Color uses an entirely different design, such as a white bezel on the front and back, instead of a black bezel. It also uses Google Android 11, instead of the Nova 3 Color, which has Android 10.


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