Page scan: e-book sellers closed by cyberattack


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E-readers can be handy, but reading documents online is not immune to cyberattacks. This is demonstrated by a collection of European bookstores forced to take their IT infrastructures offline after a ransomware attack.

The incident occurred after a ransomware attack crippled the computer systems of TiteLive, a French company that operates a SaaS platform for selling books and managing inventory.

Currently, it is not known which group is behind the attack or what type of data has been compromised. However, what is clear is that employees have been forced to track sales and inventory with excel sheets and pen and paper over the past few days.

How will the situation evolve? The bookstores have said they do not plan to pay the “huge” ransom. Of course, that can change.

Provide analysis for Digital journal is Nick Tausek, Security Solutions Architect at Swimlane.

Tausek says the latest cyber incident needs to be viewed in terms of scale and in doing so the potential risk cascades down.

Tausek’s contextualization is: “As malicious cybercriminals continue to target large companies, this attack on European bookstores proves that small businesses are also at risk: no business is truly safe. “

Describing the specific incident, Tausek notes, “In this case, the IT infrastructure of the bookstores was shut down for several days, forcing employees to track sales and inventory using less reliable and accurate methods such as Excel worksheets and pen and paper. “

With the result of the attack, Tausek speculates, “While we don’t know if any personally identifiable information has been compromised, we do know how severe the repercussions of these attacks can be, regardless of the quality or quantity of the attacks. information at risk. “

Still, there are steps businesses of all sizes can consider. Tausek recommends, “To ensure data protection and day-to-day processes run smoothly, organizations of all sizes need to invest in the right security systems to gain full visibility into their IT ecosystems. “

Further, the cybersecurity expert suggests: “Platforms that centralize and automate the detection, response and investigation components help identify these threats and implement the appropriate response protocol, significantly limiting the risk. human error and ensuring that valuable data and IT platforms remain protected.


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