Pixel tablet renders – too ambitious or realistic?



The tablet segment is suddenly alive thanks to the pandemic, which has forced Google to stop and take notice. The company has announced that it is ready to breathe new life into the Android tablet segment that it had neglected for years. The first step in this regard could be the launch of the Android 12L – L stands for Large – which the company says has been specially optimized for foldable devices and tablets.

Although it’s been known for months now, recent rumors claim that Google may be working on a new tablet under the Pixel brand. The company has been reported to be actively recruiting staff to run its tablet division, which suddenly seems to be buzzing with activity. Perhaps the most important development here is the appointment of Rich Miner as chief technical officer (CTO) of Android tablets.

This represents a significant development given that Rich accompanied Andy Rubins in the development of Android. Rich, like PhoneArena reported was asked to make Android tablets exciting again. Based on the latest renders of the Pixel tablet courtesy of Let’s Go Digital, it looks like things are moving in the right direction after all, even if the renders seem a bit too ambitious to be considered realistic. The site, however, said the rendering is based on patents that Google filed in Japan in 2019.

The only thing that immediately catches the eye is the complete absence of bezels on all sides, which is quite common on smartphones these days. Additionally, with zero bezel, a punch-through approach was taken to accommodate the front cam. Otherwise, the tablet comes with rounded corners which look good.

Interestingly, there are no rear cameras on display. Instead, the fullback is glorified with a huge ‘G’ trademark hit down the middle. Let’sGoDigital described the renders as “product images” of a Pixel tablet that was designed by Italian graphic designer Giuseppe Spinelli (Snoreyn).

Additionally, while things are still in the concept stage, what seems like a certainty is that the next Pixel tablets will have the company’s Tensor chip at its heart, the same one that also powers the latest smartphones in the series. Pixel 6. That it runs Android 12 L almost goes without saying.

More details are awaited. Keep watching.


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