Rafael Nadal asks his coach to reserve a training ground after his match


In the first round of the Masters 1000 in Rome, Rafael Nadal easily beat American John Isner (6/3, 6/1). The Spaniard asked his clan to register a training ground.

Rafael Nadal is a champion-minded person. Who was the suspect? Of course some people. But the owner of the island of Mallorca proved it again this afternoon on Italian clay. No photo on the ground. Nadal did the short job of John Isner in 1 hour 17 minutes. But one scene managed to make tennis fans laugh.

After the meeting, while he does not shake hands with his opponent, the former world No. 1 asks his staff to reserve a training ground for him. Apparently the person at 13 Roland Corros was not big enough and constantly wanted to improve. Unique mood for an extraordinary champion.

Just minutes after the win over John Isner, Rafael Nadal is already on the pitch in training.

De Minar – You can see it in the background next to the ball game!

(ud83cudfa5 @Brothers_official)pic.twitter.com/IZAGmLPG14

– Universe Tennisud83cudfbe (nUniversTennis) May 11, 2022

In these images you can see Nadal training a few minutes after his match.


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