Rare Superman # 1 comic that sold for a penny in 1939 sells for $ 2.6 million at auction


A rare copy of a # 1 Superman comic that sold on newsstands for a dime in 1939 was bought for $ 2.6 million at an auction.

The comic showing Superman leaping over tall buildings on the cover was sold last week to a buyer who wants to keep an identity a secret, according to ComicConnect.com, an online auction and consignment company.

The seller, Mark Michaelson, bought the comic in 1979 from its original owner and kept it in a temperature-controlled safe. Michaelson, now semi-retired and living in Houston, paid for his college education by buying and selling comics.

The character created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster is a pioneer of the superhero genre, and comics featuring the Man of Steel have recently won some super awards. ComicConnect announced in april that a copy of Action Comics # 1, the comic book that featured Superman in 1938, sold for $ 3.25 million.

“Now you watch the comics and you go ‘superheroes everywhere.’ You look back to the 1930s, there was no such thing. So that was literally the first superhero, ”said Stephen Fishler, CEO of ComicConnect.

Fishler said what made the copy sold this week really stand out is that it’s very difficult to find high-quality copies of Superman # 1.


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