Raspberry Pi-based PaperPi app offers E Ink display plugin tools



E Ink displays and the many benefits they offer should need no introduction. No wonder it has become the preferred choice for a display among DIY enthusiasts who enjoy tinkering with their Raspberry Pi computers. While E Ink displays impress with their excellent readability and low battery consumption, Raspberry Pi computers are also incredibly easy to program and can be configured to easily perform custom functions.

Unfortunately, those who aren’t too tech-savvy but would love to have a device with long battery life and perform custom tasks like tracking the stock market, viewing weather updates, and more. can still have their say thanks to developer Aaron Ciuffo’s PaperPi project. It offers a sort of plug and play approach and will require the least amount of programming, if any at all.

As Ciuffo described, PaperPi offers a series of custom E-Ink display plugins for specific tasks. It makes several of the most commonly used tools available so that users don’t have to create them again. As mentioned in a Reddit post, ProjectPi offers plugin support for the following, including some others not mentioned in the list.

  • Crypto currencies
  • Weather
  • Spotify – Now Playing
  • Logitech Media Center – Now Playing
  • reddit quotes
  • XKCD Comics
  • New York comics
  • The phases of the moon
  • Various clocks

Then there is also the LibreSpot plugin which can integrate with Spotify, in addition to pairing the HiFiBerry HAT for audio.

Ciuffo also claimed that PaperPi is tested to work best with Raspberry Pi 4B and 3B models, both of which run the Raspberry Pi OS Buster. Also as Tom’s gear mentioned, ProjectPi has yet to be tested with Raspberry Pi Zero, although it’s only a matter of time before anyone else does. Meanwhile, Ciuffo has revealed which screens ProjectPi is compatible with on its GitHub page.


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